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10 Best Places to Visit in Pakistan with Family in 2023

Everyone dreams about spending quality time with their family in a peaceful and equally panoramic wild or natural world like the north of Pakistan.

Travelers and adventurers crave it every year, so we started getting on a chain of 10 safe places to visit in Pakistan with family in 2023.

10 Safe Places to Visit in Pakistan in 2023

Pakistan is leading in providing and maintaining the facilities for local and international trips. Recently international tourists have witnessed that they have had safe travels throughout their time in Pakistan.

Are you ready to luxuriate joyfully and comfortably in Pakistan? If yes, then the details of this article about ten safe places to visit will prove beneficial for you in planning your next trip.

Badshahi Mosque

Constructed mainly by the Mughal Empire, Badshahi Mosque, located adjacent to Minar-e-Pakistan, is the first place to visit for an exciting trip in Lahore.

The vast courtyard and the intricate designs on the mosque’s walls narrate the stories of ancient Mughals who paid keen attention to the artistic element of the mosque. Both national and international visitors can even hire tour guides who have extensive knowledge about the history of this religious monument.

The three colossal domes, four massive Minaret, and the entire structure is a magnificent testimony of the glory of the Mughal empire.

Things to do
View the Preserved culture and the art of Mughal time.
Best Time to Visit
Throughout the Year
Except: Jun – Jul
Time: 10AM to 4PM

Lahore Fort

After exploring one another historical monuments, our next pick in the list of best places to visit is Shahi Qila. It is also known as Lahore Fort, is the second place in our inventory that you can prefer for a peaceful visit to revive the history of the subcontinent.

Numerous notable structures of Lahore Fort display brilliant architecture to visitors. The stairs ascending toward the upper sections take tourists to the era of Mughal queens and kings.

Consisting of twenty hectares, the Lahore Fort includes Nulakha Pavilion, a captivating Picture Wall, Khawab Gahm, and other places such as the Pari Mahal. 

Things to do
A glance at exquisite mirror work.
Move-in ancient Mughals residential division.  
Best Time to Visit
Throughout the Year
Except: Jun – Jul
Time: 10AM to 4PM

Wagha Border

Wagah Attari Border in Lahore denotes the geographical division of Pakistan and India is the third right location for tourists. A beating retreating ceremony is held every single evening on the border.

It is held right before sunset with a squally parade by the two well-prepared nations’ soldiers. The aesthetic movements, loud uproar by guards, cheering audience, and ambiance make it an entertaining Wagah border ceremony that tourists worldwide desire to attend.

The engaging event ends with descending flags by the soldiers in respect of dusk.

Things to do
Occasional dance performances by locals.
Entertaining act of soldiers stomping feet.
Best Time to Visit
Throughout the Year
Except: Jun – Jul
Time: 10AM to 4PM  

Shah Faisal Masjid

Faisal Masjid, located on the lush green foothills of Islamabad, is the next destination you can select upon visiting Islamabad. Concrete 260 feet tall minarets, eight shell sides with a sloping roof, a Bedouin tent, and the contemporary structure-based mosque is no less than a masterpiece.

Moreover, the mosque’s interior displays artistic calligraphy, Turkish chandeliers, and Kufic script-based Quranic verse. The lecture hall of the mosque occasionally facilitates visitors in different ways.

Many say that Faisal Mosque is similar to Kabbah, which you can visit and see to analyze.   

Things to do
Well-equipped library and museum.
Cafe for facilitating refreshment.
Best Time to Visit
Throughout the Year


Daman E Koh is famous as a pleasant, peaceful, and clean tourist attraction and is the next place in Islamabad. The interest is located on the tangled wooden Margalla Hill and gives a fantastic panoramic view of the city.

Besides breathing in the fresh air, tourists can also enjoy various foods. Among other natural features of Daman E Koh, taking photographs with the monkeys and making videos with the birds chattering in the background is another fascinating activity.

You can also enjoy the chair lift and view the world with a flip of your eye.

Things to do
Meditate in nature and fresh air.
Best Time to Visit
Sep – Mar

Deosai National Park

The next destination nature lovers should visit with their family is the Deosai National Park, located in Astore, Gilgit-Baltistan. It is the destination we see once again because of the extraordinary beauty and the facilities.

This elevated plateau offers many exciting activities for the visitors, such as climbing to Burji La and hanging out with the nomads. You can also spot marmots 13,000 ft. above sea level among flora and fauna.

A fantastic view with horse trekking is also available for tourists. It is incredible to see still and calm waters spread on the horizon are the sought-after place for adventurers. Enjoy the warm, freshly cooked food and cherish the good days with your family.

Things to do
Visit the fascinating Sheosar lake.
Gawk at the hundreds of twinkling stars.
Best Time to Visit
Jun – Oct (Summer – Spring)
Nov – May (Winter) Snow Bound

Rohtas Fort

Among the historical monuments of Pakistan, Rohtas Fort is the next place on our list that tourists enjoy because of its history. This strategic site has existed since the Mughal time and is still present with its dignity and value.

The four extended walls, lined bastions, and beautiful gateways make it exceptional in sight for visitors. You can learn about the history of Baolis and Shahi Masjid Mosque while roaming around the place.

Things to do
Witness the compelling architect of ancient Muslims.
Listen to the stories of events connected with the Fort.  
Best Time to Visit
Throughout the Year
Except: (Dec-Jan) it’s too Cold
Except: (Jun-July) it’s too Hot
Time: 9AM to 4PM

Pakistan Monument Museum

The famous tourist attraction for its impressive architecture is Pakistan Monument Museum, located in Shakarparian Hills. The four legal patterns of the monument show the four central provinces, and the other three petals represent other main territories of Pakistan.

It reminds the visitors of the sacrifices of dedicated leaders of Pakistan who contributed to the country’s formation in different ways. It mentions Pakistan’s ancient civilization and all the nation’s significant achievements.

Things to do
Look at the illustration of the story of independence.
Enjoy the scenic beauty of the fountain and granite petals.
Best Time to Visit
Throughout the Year
Tue – Sun: 10AM to 9PM
Monday: Closed

Pakistan Air Force Museum

The next place in the list witnesses the history of the sacrifice of the war veterans and pays tribute to them. If you are interested in educating yourself about the matchless courage of the nation’s heroes, then the Pakistan Air Force Museum is the right destination.

Four galleries of the PAF Museum are filled with the history of aerial warfare, paintings, and exciting models of fighter aircraft of the entire world, creating a picturesque image in our minds. 

Things to do
View the Vickers Viking 1B-J750 aircraft of Quaid-e-Azam.
Admire the Indian GNAT-The War Trophy.  
Best Time to Visit
Throughout the Year
Mon – Thu: 9AM to 9PM
Friday: 3PM to 10PM
Sat & Sun: 9PM to 10PM

Khewra Salt Mines

The salt reserves are found in the south of Islamabad and north of Jhelum; Punjab is the last but not the least destination. It is one of the most fantastic places you can visit, as the electric train takes you through the tunnels of Khewra Salt Mines to see the salt tunnels.

View the spectacular, nicely made, and brightly colored historical monuments of Pakistan. The lighting in the models of Minar-e-Pakistan and Chaghi mountain makes them more entertaining. Being the second largest mine in the world, Khewra Salt Mines are a fantastic place you can visit with the family.

Things to do
Get astonished at seeing the different tunnels.
Take pictures and make V-Logs of the mines.
Best Time to Visit
Throughout the Year
Except: Jun & Jul (It’s 45c+ temp.)

Which Place is Best for a One-Day Trip in Pakistan with Family?

Among the places mentioned above, the best place for a one-day trip with family in Pakistan is Badshahi Mosque. The main reason for this choice is the architecture and the surrounding monument and restaurants you can enjoy.

The next which can be considered is the Shah Faisal Masjid in Islamabad and the Khewra Salt mines.

Which Place is Best for a 3 Days Trip?

The best option for a three-day trip is Daman e Koh because of its natural peaks of mountains and the other surrounding facilities. You can enjoy each aspect of a peaceful and safe trip in Daman e Koh.

You can also consider the Deosai National trip, especially if you are considering exhausting travel time from other provinces or cities. All the activities and facilities would cause peace of mind and entertainment for the entire family.

Things to Do in Pakistan with Family

Pakistan is a land of beauteous land, and now the government and private sector has paid enough effort to offer engaging, playful activities to people with family.

You can roam the ancient Walled City of Lahore and enjoy Northern Pakistan, supervised by specialized tour managers. It is fantastic to hang out in a picnic spot as you can access the spacious and clean picnic area designed for families, couples, and other groups all over Pakistan. 

Enjoy the breathtaking views of exotic reefs in Deosai Park and other scenic beauty. The Kids-friendly museums are well-maintained to nurture children’s curiosity and are best for families for some time to relax.

Things to Do in Islamabad with Family

Islamabad is where you can visit the national natural parks, Dino Valley and enjoy the beauty of nature by visiting the national parks with your family. Other than that, all kinds of restaurants: Visit the well-facilitated restaurants in Islamabad and enjoy delicious food.

Click pictures and watch the models in Khewra Mines. Enjoy the salt reservoirs called Khewra Mines with your family members. 

Believe me; I am not pulling the wool cover over one’s eyes. My years of tourism experience make scheduling your next trip easier.

Plan your trip today and have incredible fun.