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Babusar Top | Unforgettable Landscape to Must Visit in 2023

Take a grip on your next summer trip by visiting the most beautiful destination of Naran to Babusar Top for a breathtaking journey. This land is beautifully covered by many of the world’s tourists and vloggers. 

It is a place that is the favourite picnic spot of adventure seekers as they sing and shoot films standing on the top of the mountainous range. Interestingly, the famous tourist place opens for quite limited weather. 

All You Need to Know About Babusar Top

Babusar top is one of the places that tourists strive to visit once in a lifetime. If you want to explore the place, get knowledge about all the aspects of successful planning. The following information will help you plan a perfect trip to Babusar Top.


-10C is the temperature generally fluctuating and reaches -0C in winter. Fortunately, in the summer season, especially in June and July, the weather can range between 20-35.  

Although the ice starts melting in the summers, you can still enjoy the ice blocks on the mountain’s peak. Even in extreme summer, the howling wind would welcome you for all the fun you can have on Babusar Top. 

The mountains change the weather, making you feel freezing in the morning and evening. 


Babusar Top is known as the land of natural adventure as it is located at an elevation of 4 173 metres in northern Pakistan, along a distance of 150 km of Kaghan Valley. 

It connects with Chilas on Karakoram Highway and can be accessible even by car. If you want to hire a chauffeur and a tour guide, you can even get entertained by the local historical stories of the land. 


Naran is 7,900 feet high from sea level, and it takes 70 KM to travel from Naran, which consists of 4-5 operational hours. Babusar top road is situated at 13,700 feet in height. 

At such a height, any tourist can feel a sense of accomplishment. Just ensure to take additional care, especially for those suffering from high altitude health conditions, as the Top Top can be a dangerous valley for them.  


The road to Babusar from Naran and Islamabad is free from noise and crowd, giving way to capturing massive mountains in the eyes. Both alternative and concrete bridges give way to tourists through Batakundi towards Naran. 

Following is the distance from the two main roads. 

1- Babusar Top Distance from Naran: 65.6 km via N-15

2- Babusar Top Distance from Islamabad: 347.0 via Hazara Motorway N-15 and M-15 

Babusar Top Hotels and Resorts 

If you get exhausted from the long journey and want to rest in between for a while, you can easily access the best hotels in Naran. The restaurants serve various foods, from Chicken Karahi, Bong Pulao, Chicken Pulao, Kabli Pulao, Biryani and Chinese, that tourists eat while licking their fingers. 

Following is the list of hotels in babusar top that you can visit. 

HotelsContact No.Amenities
Fairy Meadows Hotel(0997) 430139Breakfast, Wifi, Parking
Iceland Hotel0342 0050991Children’s Friendly
Hotel One Naran0341 2201111Breakfast, Wifi, Parking, Accessible, Pet Friendly
Fairyland Hotel0322 9290959Breakfast, Wifi, Parking, Laundry, Restaurant
Pine Park Hotel0343 5853835Breakfast, Wifi, Restaurant, Parking

Following is the list of restaurants that you can visit to eat food.  

RestaurantsContact No.
But Karahi Baser Naran 0300 0334463
Moon Restaurant Baser 0342 2922080
Fakhar e Punjab Saim Shinwari Hotel 
D Munchi Restaurant 
Sunrise Restaurant and Hotel 

Why is Babusar Top Famous?

Babusar Top and the way toward the point are the main attractions tourists look forward to the entire year. Following are some of the features that visitors have witnessed. 

Green mountains, blue melting glaciers, and the sound of River Kunhar are all the attractions that the viewers enjoy the most.

The river passes from the big plains and gives a pleasant view. There are points where the valley changes in its geographical features at different points, while the travellers capture the different perspectives while going upwards.

Julkhand facilitates the visitors with warm tea and food to refresh them. These footprints are best for relaxing and viewing nature in the surroundings.

Babusar, Lulusar, and Gittidas are the following spots, after which the real adventure is revealed for Babusar Top. 

While alleviating, the weather gets colder, and tourists start seeing the snow melt on Babusar Top.. 

Is Babusar Top Open Today 2023? 

On 19 October 2022, the Security Operation Organization office was closed and announced that Babusar Top would reopen in June 2023. Similarly, the checkpost was relocated to a lower side of the valley to keep people secure in extreme snowfall in winter. 

All the hostels and restaurants on Babusar Top are closed for any tourist activity because of the weather conditions, as the 6 inches of snow can melt and cause problems for travellers. 

No facility is available in such an area until the summer of 2023. The government has set all precautions and blockages to ensure tourists’ security. 

Best Time to Visit Babusar Top

The extreme temperature in winter and snowfall restrict the way to Babusar Top. The government authorities block the way in winter as the 2409 metres road to Babusar is covered with snow. 

Therefore, the pass is only accessible to tourists in the summer, as the lush green mountains can welcome you for a relaxing time with friends and family. 

Places to Visit in Babusar Top

The Babusar Road only opens for 4 to 5 months in winter and stays covered with snow blocks. Batakundi, Burawai, Julkhad, and Gitidas are the small towns where you can visit for lunch or tea on your way to Naran, Babusar Top. 

  • Lulusar Lake 

The appealing blue and green shining water can remind you of the saying that there is heaven on earth. 

  • Gittidas 

A famous meadow in Kaghan Valley lets you drive carefully through melting glaciers, and enjoy the magnificent mountains covered with luxuriant trees. 

  • Babusar Road 

Through Chillas to Karakoram highway and river rafting towards Naran road, the point is even best for meditation in solitude. 

  • River Kunhar 

River Kunhar is famous for its beautiful colours and flows that keep on the way of tourists moving to Babusar Top. 

  • Babusar Top Road 

The mountains are covered with snow, and the way leads to Hunza and Gilgit. You can take pictures and make videos while moving among the enormous ice blocks. 

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