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Basho Valley Skardu: The Mesmerizing Views Can Hypnotize You

Among the gigantic mountains and steep valleys covered with abundant trees standing tall in their majesty is the Basho Valley. 

The breathtaking beauty witnessed by tourists traveling worldwide on the boulders and stony tracks gives a sense of pleasure and peace of mind. 

As the name in the Balti language, Basho valley means the valley of grapes and is situated 10,000 ft. above sea level in Gilgit Baltistan.

Information About Basho Valley Skardu

Basho valley, with its rich history, pleasant weather, and exciting activities, is the perfect spot for tourists to plan a trip with friends and family members. Here is a list of important detailed information about the beautiful valley. 


Massive glaciers still found in Basho valley show that it has remained preserved in natural and geographical features. The historical region of its name goes back to 1892 when Conway named Japanese poet ”Mastsuo Basho” gave the valley his last name as he explored it. 

However, in 1950, the valley further became the knowledge of explorers as they climbed Basho Glaciers. 


In chilly winters, Basho remains covered with cloudy skies and light snowfall. The temperature remains to change throughout the day between -10c and -7c. 

Thankfully, the temperature falls between -15c to -19c, which is much preferable for tourists to visit Basho valley. 


Among the snow-capped mountains, Basho valley can be found in the Roundu district of Skardu, Gilgit Baltistan. 


The valley exists 10,000 ft. high, 3,600 metres above sea level, preserving its primitive charm, which appeals to lovers of majestic nature. 


Suppose you are traveling on your jeep from Skardu. In that case, you have to cover a distance of 45 km, approximately 10,000 ft. high in Gilgit Baltistan, to encounter the unbelievable beauty of the Basho valley. 


To give more comfort to tourists, central hotels offer multiple services, so people can enjoy their time luxuriating in the facilities in Basho valley. Following is the list of famous hotels and resorts you can easily access in the Basho valley. 

NameContact NumberNavigation
Rainbow Resort Kachura Skardu03469557955CCMV+V9 Skardu
Indus View Hotel034604466039G94+56 Skardu
Adventure Ghazi Resort03420923332CFW2+F7R Skardu
Mir Hotel & Restaurant03555779743CFF4+P2 Skardu
Shalimar Hotel & Restaurant03445931100CFG3+97 Skardu


Taking the map will help you follow and track the location even if you have taken a service from a famous travel agency to reach there. 

Is Basho Valley Safe for Tourists? 

Safety is one of the elements of tourism that we ensure you will experience pleasantly in Basho valley. You can be safe and sound in the company of excellent hoteliers, camp managers, drivers, cooks, and other facility providers. 

Just plan your trip in a more friendly season to enjoy the beauty. Extreme winters are not as entertaining as summers and spring. Therefore, have fun while experiencing peace of mind.

What is the Culture of Basho Valley?

Those who want to explore the traditional culture of Pakistan can witness it in Basho valley. The locals faithfully preserved the nation’s rich culture while practicing it daily. 

From the embroidered clothing to the food of the mountainous region, you would be welcomed hospitably with warm wishes to continue your journey in Basho valley. 

Basho Valley Skardu is one of the most unspoiled regions left on the planet – meaning that you can still experience traditional Pakistani culture here without hordes of tourists getting in the way. 

This region is steeped in history and culture, with plenty of fascinating attractions to explore. 

What to See in Basho Valley?

The beautiful Basho meadows give the comfort of a carpeted bed. You can closely view and trek on them and rest while seeing the broad blue sky above. 

Similarly, the blue waters of Basho valley give the prophecy of the power and purity of nature and provide a complete sense to people visiting. Visit the nearby bridge and view the river flowing in its power from both sides. 

Activities to Do in Basho Valley

Here are the exciting activities you can engage yourself and your friends in on a trip to Basho Valley. 


Recharge yourself and camp with your family and friends on the riverside. Ensure that you take the services of a travel agency offering hiking and camping services to provide all facilities in cold weather.

Basho valley is the right destination to book your next luxury camping trip. Therefore, relax outdoors and breathe fresh air while residing in glamping rentals. 


The Basho valley trek offers tourists lush green meadows where locals guide the cattle to graze and rest near the water passes. 

These are the scenes that all of us desire to view for hours, so if you are willing to take hundreds of steps while hiking in the mountain, Basho valley is the perfect destination for you.

You can also engage with the friendly locals to listen to the stories and share the joy by offering a bond of brotherhood. 


Suppose you are an adventurous soul who likes rafting in the river. Local rafting service providers can also guide you about the packages available to raft in massive waters. 

Make sure to book the service that keeps the tourists safe on the quiet side of the river and lets them enjoy the beauty of nature. 

While rafting among the mountains, you can watch ancient forts, old villages, and birds migrating from one territory to another. These picturesque moments are only available in Skardu. 


Making and keeping memories in the form of photography is the hobby of every traveler. Basho valley offers scenic views where you can take beautiful pictures with your family and friends. 

Whether you are camping, trekking, hiking, fishing, or even viewing the mountains on the couch of your hotel, clock pictures and share with your friends and cherish them later. 


Most group tourists like to organize BBQs at night under the sky filled with gleaming stars and the chilly air. You can also pre-plan such an activity by booking your trip and communicating your needs with the travel agent. 

Eat a savory and juicy BBQ and sing the songs of joy with your friends and loved ones in the evening. However, the cooking process can be tiring and entertaining, especially when all your friends and family join hands. 

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