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Best Places to Visit in Islamabad: 20 Tourist Attractions

Famous as one of the most populated cities with statistics to be the ninth largest urban sector, Islamabad can never lose its charm. Although the city is a residential place for 4.1 million residents, it is wonderfully administered by Pakistan’s federal government. 

Islamabad has many unique places that the world still does not know. Besides being an immaculate and highly advanced city, it is also famous for facilitating residents with rich natural life. There are several places to visit for couples and even families. 

Why is Islamabad Very Famous? 

The picturesque city is geographically distinctive and famous for its beautiful and entertaining life. The city’s excellent infrastructure makes it one of the visiting places listed by many residents of Pakistan and foreign cities. 

From Margalla Hills National Park to Monal, Shakarparian to Kabul Restaurant, the city never keeps anyone behind. Everywhere, you would be entertained by the famous tourist attractions, restaurants, and even historical places

Does Islamabad Have Night Life?

Being the ultra-modern city of Pakistan where businesses and markets keep serving people is considered a Nightlife territory. In the town, shopaholics remain engaged in visiting the famous Centaurus, Giga, and other malls. Entertainment lovers like to watch movies in the malls and attend festivals related to arts and festivals. Places to visit at night offer a high-quality environment that visitors enjoy. 

Private dance parties also remain a favorite activity for many who enjoy an active social life. Eating out is normal, and people like visiting one after another restaurant regularly. Thus, the residents of Islamabad always continue celebrating life to the fullest. Enjoying and being grateful for city life is also on the priority list. 

How Many Beautiful Places are There in Islamabad? 

Magnificent and breathtaking places are part of Islamabad’s identity, so it is not limited to bringing peace into people’s lives. It is filled with the best places to visit in Pakistan with family. Here is a list of the top 20 tourist attractions that you can consider for a one day tour.

Shah Faisal Masjid

Shah Faisal Masjid

Shah Faisal Mosque is situated at 5,000 square metres of the area and remains at the top of the must-visiting place for tourists. The mosque is filled with spectacular beauty and architecture and remains the most attractive place. The religious essence also remains alive, and people offer prayer in the mosque. The famous landmark consists of four tall spires gleaming from a vantage point.

Shah Faisal Masjid Jumma Timings & Other Prayers

6:14 AM1:00 PM3:56 PM6:45 PM7:30 PM1:30 PM

Margallah Hills and Daman E Koh

Daman E Koh

A hilltop known as Margalla Hills and Daman-e-Koh Park are the following fantastic places people mainly choose for hiking. The natural wonders of this park soothe the senses, and people especially organize picnics while enjoying the weather. Different species of birds and monkeys also roam here and there, giving an essence of wildlife to the park. Lush green trees and the view on the horizon add more to the experience.

Pakistan Monument Museum

Pakistan Monument Museum

Shakaparian forest gives place to the Pakistan Monument Museum amid mountains. Representing the nation’s unity and the sacrifice of the devoted people, the museum depicts the country’s history and culture. Constructed on 2.8 hectares of land, the domes of the museum appear magnificent. The short petals-based structure represents the territories of Pakistan.

Shakar Parian National Park 

The next park on the list of most beautiful places in Islamabad is Shakar Parian, National Park. The park is famous for its stunning beauty and natural appeal to visitors. Visitors admire the breathtaking views of the park from every side. Especially at night, the visitors enjoy the idea of the city glistening from a distance. The fountain, greenery, and food stalls make this spot my favorite.

Bahria Enclave Zoo

Bird Park

The place admired by millions of children is the next spot, “Bahria Enclave Zoo”, which provides high-quality based facilities to visitors. Many different exotic animals can be seen through the boundary of cages. Surprisingly, a well-maintained shelter for cats can also be seen here. Other than that, white lions and even elephants are kept to let people enjoy the wildlife from a distance. 

Saidpur Village 

The historical background of Saidpur Village is connected with the Gandhara and Kushan periods. Lastly, the Mughal Empire of the 14th century was gifted by Sajid Khan to his daughter on marrying Babar’s son and received it as a dowry and present. 

It is located on the famous Margalla Hills of the Himalayan Range foothills. It was refurbished in 2006 by the development authorities, which finally gave it the identity of being a gem of arts and crafts. A restaurant named Des Pardes enhances the ambiance and makes it more lively. 

Allah Ditta Caves

Known for many centuries, Allah Ditta Caves, filled with dense trees, is a must to visit delightful places. Although isolated, this is the safest area in Islamabad. The weathered hills give an odd look, but they seem untouched and a natural element of Islamabad that most tourists visit yearly. 

People even encounter mischievous monkeys that can distract you while leaping from trees. Enjoy the different carts offering snacks and take pictures on the way. 

Lok Virsa Museum

By paying a simple fee, you can visit the museum to enjoy the history and culture of the different states of Pakistan. The locals also sell handicrafts and traditional accessories to visitors. Enjoy the horse cart ride and collect memories by clicking pictures of enjoyable memories. There are hangings displaying information about various regions and civilizations. 

National Art Gallery

Pakistan’s first famous national art gallery opened its doors to visitors in 2007. The structure consists of modernistic cubes of bricks that give it a new element of beauty. Situated at an 1800-yard area, the gallery has 14 mini-galleries displaying paintings. Visitors can also visit the library and laboratories. Open-air theatres and auditoriums are also fun places built inside. 

Golra Sharif Railway Museum 

The next museum on the list of the most beautiful places is Golra Sharif Museum, built by the British. Dating back to 1882, the museum tells millions of stories about the history of the railway. If you are a history enthusiast, learning about the historical narratives of Pakistan’s and British Raj period railway would give you new insight. 

Korang River 

Flowing through Murree Hills to Islamabad is the Korang River, which falls into Rawal Lake. The primary location is at Malpur village, where it adds value to the place as a reservoir. Adjoining gardens and picnic spots welcome visitors to spend leisure time with family and friends. 

It is a peaceful environment under the blue sky where groups can organise picnics while eating in the open air. Motorboating and paddle boating is also available for visitors to enjoy the cold water sports. It is a highly recommended place because it is the cheapest area and offers good service.  

Neela Sandh 

A magnificent waterfall, Neela Sandh located on Lehtrar Road in Rawalpindi District. Upon covering the long distance, visitors mainly encounter the rich greenery and the tall trees that cover the entire area. Most people visit the place in scorching summer to stay safe from the overwhelming heat of the summer season. Pure water refreshes the soul, while purity normalizes the body’s temperature. It only takes 40 km to reach the destination. 

Bruti Waterfall 

For nature lovers, the next destination is Bruti Waterfall which is adjoined by turquoise ponds. It is near the Margalla mountains near the tallest waterfall. You can stand under the waterfall and rinse yourself with fresh water or sit near the pond while soaking your feet in the water. The white painted floor of the spot makes it appealing to sit and enjoy the beauty everywhere. There is a limited time to visit the location, so you must check the administration to look for the schedule.

Fatima Jinnah Park

Fatima Jinnah Park, made in the name of the national figure from the history of Pakistan, is the next destination for many. The prepossessing consists of a wildlife sanctuary that gives a fantastic soothing experience to the visitors. The steel fence separates the park from the outer area and footpath, which is safe for walking or jogging. Visitors mainly enjoy different activities in the park with their family and friends. 

Rose and Jasmine Garden 

As the name denotes, this garden is where most flower exhibitions occur.

Seasonal exhibitions revive the essence of natural beauty, and visitors from all sides take the direction towards looking and taking pictures of the beautiful flowers. It is even famous out of the season as both rose and jasmine bunches are planted to give visitors a fresh and loving vibe. Visiting the palace in summer is also excellent as you can see the different flowers. 

Hiking Track 

Dara Janglan is the hiking track that hikers primarily get attracted to throughout the year in every season. Outdoor enthusiasts enjoy the hike with family and friends. Most workaholics make their way on weekends to enjoy the place’s natural beauty. The track reminds people of the basic rules of living a healthy life; therefore, it never stays isolated. It only takes 2 hours to completely cover the entire course of the track.

Japanese Children Park 

The name of the park tells the entire narrative of the exciting activities that children mostly enjoy in the park. Swings in the park entertain the children, and they like to spend most of their time there. Other than that, families also visit the park to enjoy their free time, laugh and eat together. Even schools visit the park for picnics as the spot is clean and perfect for organizing children-related activities. 

Art and Craft Village 

The next spot in the nighttime entertainment category is Art and Craft Village in Islamabad. The place attracts visitors from Pakistan and outside to enjoy the cultural elements and artifacts. The primary artifacts are related to the facts about the country’s culture that reminds people of how prosperous the nation is. Most people enjoy looking at decorative items and often buy them as gifts for friends. 

Monal Restaurant 

The next spot that everyone in Pakistan is familiar with is Monal Restaurant. The restaurant offers delicious food items to the hungry and provides a comfortable ambiance to chit-chat with friends. World’s famous cuisines are available in the restaurant, and the background music always welcomes people with a soothing appeal. Youngsters like taking pictures and looking at the view from the restaurant.