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Beautiful Places in Multan

Multan may be a historical town called the town of Saints. Multan is Pakistan’s seventh biggest city. It is situated on the Chenab River’s bank. Multan is home to several top-rated tourist places. Tanveer Hindoo TV collected knowledge on the highest ten places to go to in Multan. There are several renowned places in Multan and a few of them are lovely places in Multan. Multan’s prime 10 tourist attractions are listed below.

List of Places to Visit I Multan

  • Tomb of monarch Rukn e Alam
  • Tomb of monarch Gardez
  • Multan Fort
  • Ghanta Ghar, Multan
  • Bibi Pak Daman 
  • Patrick Alexander Vans Agnew Monument
  • Multan Art Council
  • Shrine of Baha-ud-Din Zakariya


Sheikh Rukn-ud-Din Abul Fateh, conjointly called monarch Rukn-e-Alam is one among the foremost renowned Sufi saints of Multan. He was a mystic World Health Organization belonged to the Suhrawardiyya Sufi order. Every year, over 100,000 pilgrims from everywhere over the globe visit the shrine. Shah Mehmood Qureshi, the secretary of state of the recent government is the current Sajjada Nashin and keeper of the shrine. The topographic point is placed at the guts of Multan. it absolutely was made between 1320-1324 metal.

Shah Rukn-e-Alam Tomb, Multan, Pakistan

Historians recommend that the topographic point was engineered by the renowned Ghias-ud-Din Tughlak, Governor of Depalpur. In the Seventies, the topographic point was restored by the department of Auqaf. The topographic point received a recent makeover by the Kashigars of Multan. The brown historical building adorned with blue stones is that the epitome of ancient Mughal design.


Another renowned Sufi mystic World Health Organization is buried in Multan is monarch Yousuf Gardezi. His topographic point is placed 600 meters southwest of the previous fort of Multan. The topographic point consists of a little cuboidal building with a flat roof, adorned on all sides with blue and white glazed tiles embellished with floral patterns and aina-Kari mirror-work on the inside.

Shah Yousuf Gardezi Tomb, Multan, Pakistan

Yousaf Gardezi is understood for his huge work for the revival of Islam within the landmass.  If you’re visiting Multan and searching for an accommodation choice, don’t worry any longer. Multan has a number of the top hotels providing wonderful services.


The Multan Fort is an associate degree ancient landmark of South Asian Defence and design. Some historians recommend that the fort was engineered between 800 to one thousand BC. The fort was made by the Katoch family however the fort received grave destruction by the nation’s Empire throughout colonial rule.

The gigantic fort is actually a piece of art. it’s Brobdingnagian walls that are forty to seventy feet (21 m) high and a half-dozen,800 feet (2 km) in circumference. The fort’s forty-six bastions enclosed 2 flanking towers at every one of the four gates. at intervals in the fort, there are thirty towers, a mosque, a Hindu temple, and a palace. there have been eight gates within the fort however over time, four gates deteriorated and currently, the fort has four gates solely that are:

  • Qasim Gate
  • Khatri Gate
  • Sikhi Gate
  • Hariri Gate
Multan Fort | Multan


The renowned tower of Multan conjointly called the Ghanta Ghar is one of the main tourist attractions in Multan. it absolutely was engineered around 1884 AD throughout nation rule. the development of the Ghanta Ghar started in Feb 1884 and it took four years to complete the development. apparently, the muse of the Ghanta Ghar relies on the ruins of Haveli of Ahmad Khan Sadozai that were destroyed throughout the beleaguering of Multan.

Ghanta Ghar (Multan) - Wikipedia

The hall and also the building was known as Ripon Hall and building however when independence, the place was named “Jinnah Hall’. Initially, the building was used for workplace conferences and cultural programs. If you wish to check the hustle and bustle of the town, you ought to visit the Ghanta Ghar Multan. There are tiny local shops around the Ghanta Ghar that sell ancient Multani things like Ajrak and clay pottery.


Bibi Pak Daman, splendidly called Bibi Rasti was the mother of the famous Rukn-i-Alam. She was conjointly a student of Bahauddin Zakariya and did plenty of labour for the revival of Islam in Multan. She was buried close to the traditional temple of Mai Total. The topographic point is rectangular in form and is heavily adorned with blue and white masonry, a signature type of Multan’s design.

Bibi Pak Daman Tomb, Multan, Pakistan

The east facade is adorned with a collection of triple arches resting upon double columns, providing access to a deep porch that shelters many graves. The topographic point stands at the centre of a compound created from thick walls. The topographic point conjointly includes a rounded house. many folks from Multan and its adjacent areas return and pay their respect at the topographic point.


Vans Agnew Monument, Multan, Pakistan

A gigantic tower stands at the guts of Multan close to Ibne-Qasim Bagh. it’s a monument that was created in the honor of a British official of the East India Company. Patrick Alexander was dead by the retainers of Dewan Mulraj that conjointly light-emitting diode to the Second Sikh War and also the British annexation of the geographic area region. If you have got an endowment for native history and ancient design, you ought to visit this place.


If you’re an associate degree art enthusiast and wish to devour completely different colours of arts and crafts in Multan, you wish to go to Multan Art Council. The centre was established in 1975 and was based on the statutory provisions of the geographic area Council of Arts (PUCAR) metropolis. The centre is constructed on spacious grounds and includes a hall, picture gallery, stage, and garden. Art exhibitions and humanities are regular at the council.

Multan Arts Council Multan Pakistan - Places to Visit at Hamariweb Travel

The council conjointly holds puppet shows, painting exhibitions, sculptures, and different activities for the individuals of Multan and its adjacent areas. a number of the most important events control at the council are: the first Sufi pageant, Sculptures of Sadiq Ali Shehzad exhibition, International Women’s Day 2009, Japanese Calendar Show, Lok Mela, and Fine Arts categories Work Thesis.


Baha-ud-Din Zakariya was one of the foremost distinguished Sufi mystics, poets, and academics World Health Organization conjointly established the Suhrawardiyya order of Baghdad in medieval South Asia. He died in 1268 and his Darbar was inbuilt Multan. The sepulchre may be an sq. of fifty-one foot nine in (15.77 m), measured internally.

Above this is often associate degree polygonal shape, regarding [*fr1] the peak of the sq., that is head by a subfigure dome. it’s one among the foremost visited places in Multan tow

File:Front view of Bahauddin Zakariya Tomb 9.jpg - Wikimedia Commons