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10 Famous Places & Foods of SIALKOT That Entice The Tourists

Currently famous as the industrial hub of Pakistan, exporting footballs, medical instruments, leather wears and musical instruments worldwide, the city is no less than a gem to explore. The city has many historical sites, such as Gurdwara Ber Sahib, Iqbal Manzil, and Sialkot Fort.

Following are the ten famous places in Sialkot.

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Sialkot Fort

Sialkot Fort is among the oldest forts in Pakistan, dating back to 326 BCE. Raja Saban established the fort and city and ruled the region between the rivers Ravi & Chenab.


Shahab-u-Din Ghori, a ruler who ruled Lahore and Sindh Province between 1179 and 1186, captured the fort with help from the Raja of Jammu. After accepting the region’s suzerainty, Sultan Firuz Shah Tughluq gave the Sialkot Fort over to the Janjua Tribes.

The books of history state that the king employed 10,000 masons and labourers to construct the fort with stones, slabs, and rocks (imported from Pathankot). 


It is located on Raja Road in Sialkot, approximately 125 km north of Lahore. 

Things to do 

Explore the history of Fort by hiring a tour guide. 

Click images of massive walls, bastions, and basement. 

Listen and enjoy the narratives of the past from tour guides. 

Shewala Teja Singh Temple

As the name denotes, the temple is dedicated to Shewala Teja Singh and serves as the place of worship for Hindus. 


A 100-year-old temple had, but it remained closed as there was hardly any Hindu population in the locality. The temple was closed in 1992 due to some reasons for security for minorities, but now it is open for worshippers and tourists. 


It is located in the city’s dense Dhaarowal area, about 100 km from Lahore.  

Things to do 

Encounter the beauty and diversity of people from different religions. 

Have a look at the renovation work conducted by the government. 

Greet locals and listen to the stories of freedom. 

Gurdwara Ber Sahib

This sacred site is also called Babey Di Beri Gurdwara. After many decades, the Sikhs of Pakistan and India got to worship and perform religious ceremonies under the regime of Prime Minister Imran Khan. 


The history of this massive Gurdwara dates back to the days of Guru Nanak, who arrived in Sialkot to preach to the vulnerable groups of the community. 


The Gurdwara is located at Hamza Ghaus in Sialkot. 

Things to do 

See the different sections of the building’s form and design.

View the site where Guru Nanak Ji lived. 

Head Marala

Marala Headworks is an important hydro-engineering project. Marala Headworks controls the water flow and the Chenab River flood. It also serves as a picnic spot and is rich in wildlife. 


It was initially built in 1906 for the Upper Chenab Canal. However, a new Marina Barrage was constructed in 1968 to support the Marala Ravi Link Road.  


It is located on the Chenab River in Sialkot. 

Things to do 

Enjoy the refreshing and stunning landscape. 

Plan a picnic at the beautiful spot that you keep cherishing. 

Catch fish while laying feet in the cold water. 

Fatima Jinnah Park Sialkot

Fatima Jinnah Park, also known as Capital Park or F-9 Park, is a public recreation park, a wildlife sanctuary covering the entire Sector F-9 in Islamabad, Pakistan. It was named after Madar-e Millat Fatima Jinnah, the younger sister of the founder of Pakistan, Muhammad Ali Jinnah.


The park was designed and built by Micheal Japero and inaugurated in 1992. Japan International Cooperation Agency initially worked on the initial plan for the park, but then it was further revised by Nayyar Ali Datta. 


The park’s central area is GG7H + 6MH, Khawaja Rd, Sialkot Cantonment, Sialkot. 

Things to do

Enjoy the landscape of the park. 

Arrange a picnic with friends and family. 

Trinity Cathedral Church

A beautiful Church displays respect for the cultural and religious diversity of Sialkot. With historic preservation, the Church is still appealing in its architectural features. 


The Church’s foundation stone was laid on 1st March 1952. The Church was dedicated in the presence of the Rev. Daniel Wilson, Bishop of Calcutta, on 30th January 1857 in the Diocese of Calcutta. 


It is situated within the cantonment of Sialkot, located on the Mall (Quaid-e-Azam Road).


The distance of Holy Trinity Cathedral Church from Lahore is 141.2 km through Lahore Motorway.

Things to do 

Visit the Church and take pictures of the artistic architecture.

Engage in discussion with the priest to promote peace and harmony.

Jinnah Stadium Sialkot

Connell Park, or Jinnah Park, is India’s longest-running cricket stadium. Many of the national and international matches have been held in this stadium under the supervision of the cricket board. 


The stadium’s location was selected mainly by authorities in 1909 under the British Raj. The vice-commissioner of Sialkot designated Connelly Park. The stadium was renamed Jinnah Stadium to honor Pakistan’s founding father, Muhammad Ali Jinnah. 


It is located in Jinnah Park, Colony no 1 in Sialkot. 

Things to do 

Enjoy the cricket matches played on a provincial and local level. 

Cheer up the players and increase their morale. 

Sialkot Clock Tower

The Clock Tower, also known as Iqbal Square, stood tall for more than 100 years and has witnessed numerous changes. It has been renovated several times, and the basic structure remains unchanged. 


It was built in the 19th century by Rai Sahib Ramji Dass.


Sialkot Clock Tower is situated in Saddar Bazar, currently known as Iqbal Square, Cantonment.

Things to do 

Eat and enjoy the local food available in restaurants. 

Visit the adjoining routes and explore the local culture.

Iqbal Manzil

The birth site of Pakistan’s national poet (Late) Muhammad Allama Iqbal is currently a museum and a library. Pakistan’s government took the responsibility of renovating the museum in 1971.


The museum, a cultural treasure, officially opened in 1971 with access to rooms in the mansion, a bedroom, a library conference room, a sitting room, a display of furniture and collections of Allama Iqbal. 


Iqbal Manzil is located on Iqbal Road in Sialkot. 

Things to do

See the different rooms and mansions of the museum.

Identify the traces of history from the pictures on the walls.  

Government Murray College Sialkot

With a history of excellence, Government Murray College educates students to prepare them for higher education at university. 


The college was established in 1889 and was first known as ‘’Scotch Mission College’’, but the name was changed. 


It is located on College Road, Circular Road, Sialkot.

Things to do

Visit the college and read about the notable alumni from the media.

See the pictures of historians’ images related to arts and sports. 

Best Places to Eat Food in Sialkot 

You can find delicious food in every famous corner of Sialkot. Here is a list of 5 very famous and favourites by Sialkot residents. 

Halwa Puri 

Halwa Puri Plater with additional servings of jam, meetha pura, mashed chicken, achar, puri, yogurt, and chaney.

Bhaga Daal Chawal at Mori Gate 

Achar, raita, and egg on daal chawal make it a complete afternoon meal you can enjoy with your friends. 

Gama Pakora Center 

It is the famous pakora shop that people come to buy and eat from far-flung areas. You would always find long queues of people standing to buy pakora. 

Decent Faloda 

Located near “Ghanta Ghar”, decent faloda is the next best food to try as it is a product of years of preserved recipes that makes it unique and delicious. 

Haji Key Gol Gappy 

Those who like sweet and sour papri chat and gol gappy can enjoy the food in Sialkot as it is a rich traditional snack with friends and family members.  

What is Sialkot City Famous for?

Sialkot is well-known for its export and manufacturing of various items. The industry has expanded in Pakistan and the world because of the equipment produced in Sialkot. The following list of favourite things in Sialkot can help you buy and invest in a business in Sialkot. 

  • Sports supplies such as baseball, hockey, football, boxing, cricket and basketball
  • Leather wears such as jackets and gloves
  • Surgical instruments
  • Musical instruments 
  • Textile goods 

Best Hotels to Stay in Sialkot

There are plenty of hotels in Sialkot to stay and enjoy your visit with several amenities and tasty foods.

Name ContactAmenities
Royaute Luxury Hotel Sialkot0311 1999323Wifi, Breakfast, Parking, Restaurant, Laundry
Hotel De Raj0310 7372400Wifi, Breakfast, Parking, Restaurant, Laundry
Hotel Javson052 32429754 Star Hotel, Wifi, Breakfast, Parking, Indoor Pool
Hotel The Jeevens052 35735043 Star Hotel, Wifi, Breakfast, Parking, Fitness Centre
Hotel Roosevelt052 3571313Wifi, Breakfast, Parking, Restaurant, Laundry

Famous Personalities of Sialkot

As the city has a historical background in Pakistan, it has made tremendous contributions to producing leaders and revolutionists. Following is the list of notable people who belonged to Sialkot. 

Dr. Muhammad Allama Iqbal National Poet of Pakistan
Faiz Ahmed Faiz Writer & Revolutionist
Rajinder Singh BediFamous Novel Writer
Kuldeep NaikAnalyst
Amjad Islam AmjadPoet & Drama Director
Malik HassanLate Columnist
Gulzari Lal NandaFormer Indian Prime Minister
Rajinder KumarIndian Actor
Dev AnandIndian Actor
Ghulam AliClassical Singer
Shoaib MalikCricketer

Best Time to Visit Sialkot

You can visit the city anytime between January to December except for the harsh summer season, such as June and July. However, the city can even serve you with the best quality of services even in the summer season. 

Travel Distance

  • Lahore to Sialkot: 132.3 Km through Motorway/M-11 
  • Islamabad to Sialkot: 227.2 km through NH 5/ AH2
  • Faisalabad to Sialkot: 258.0 km from Lahore Motorway/M-11 
  • Peshawar to Sialkot: 413.7 km from AH1/M-1
  • Multan to Sialkot: 438.7 km through Lahore Abdul Hakeem Motorway/ M-3 
  • Karachi to Sialkot: 1,311.4 km through Sukkur-Multan Motorway M/5