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Explore Gujranwala: A Taste of Punjab Pakistan

The beautiful and advanced city of Gujranwala is leading in its emerging industry. The city’s advanced infrastructure and living facilities make it one of the favourite cities where people like to reside. Serving people from all sectors, the city is proper to explore as it facilitates tourists from all backgrounds.

You would find fresh and delicious breakfasts, markets and malls, parks, and cinemas to keep your trip busy and entertaining. The city has everything one can desire for a delightful trip. 

What are you waiting for, then? Let’s have some detailed knowledge to start the journey.

Knowledge About Gujranwala 

The capital city of Gujranwala division is the city that everyone admires as it was once famous as the City of Wrestlers. Food is another element that visitors and locals have known this city for. 

Modern towns with ancient buildings still preserved perfectly are the apple of the eye of the residents of the city. It is the birthplace of the famous Maharaja Ranjit Singh, dating back to 1780. Famous as the country’s industrial city, Gujranwala has contributed to increasing the country’s exports. 


Founded in the 18th century, the city near Sialkot and Lahore has a rich culture. According to Gujranwala’s history, The city was initially a village in the 16th century, but with the ongoing transitions of people, it started forming into a city. “Khanpur Sansi” was the first original name of the city. 

With solid control of Sikhs, the city remained Ranjot Singh’s capital. The city mainly led to the era of development in 1839 as about 500 fully functioning shops in markets existed, facilitating people. 


As the city is part of Punjab province, residents enjoy all four seasons, from extreme to moderate temperatures. In summer, the hot waves blow from May to August; in Winter, the harsh wind remains active from December to February. 

Therefore the best season to visit while keeping in view Gujranwala weather is Spring and Autumn or the start of summer or Winter as the weather gets pleasant during this duration. If you want to explore the surrounding places, here are Multan’s most beautiful and historical places. 


The distance from different cities varies based on the roads, but for the best travel, we recommend you take the motorway following this distance. 

  • Distance from Lahore: 97.0 km via Grand Trunk Road/GT RD/NH 5/AH2 
  • Distance from Islamabad: 219.9 km via Grand Trunk Road/GT RD/NH 5/AH2  
  • Distance from Multan: 395.0 km via Lahore-Abdul Hakeem Motorway/M-3 
  • Distance from Faisalabad: 202.1 km via Lahore-Islamabad Motorway/AH1/M2


To reach the country quickly and safely, keeping a map is essential. Therefore, here is the map to lead your journey toward the city of adventures. 

Best Places to Visit in Gujranwala for Tourists

Gujranwala has been included in entertaining people with advanced lifestyle-based activities. All places, from amusement parks to malls and hotels, are here, facilitating visitors regularly. If you are on an extended trip, you can also explore the most beautiful places in Islamabad

Following are the main attractions of entertainment for tourists and locals. 

Fun Dunya Amusement Park 

The first place in the categories of best places is Fun Dunya, Amusement Park. It is a fun-filled palace that offers all the entertaining activities that adults and kids can enjoy. You would be amazed to enjoy it without exhaustion. 

The lighting and glistening exterior are perfect for clicking pictures with family. All kinds of safe rides are also available to have some fun. A spacious parking area gives way to parking all kinds of vehicles at a small ticket cost. 

Kings Mall

From shopping and food to entertainment, the King Mall has everything visitors need. The best part of this fantastic place to shop is that it offers seasonal sales on famous brands, facilitating everyone looking to buy the best cheaply. 

The food court is an open area where families and friends can join on large and medium-sized dining tables. You can even watch the latest movies as the cinema is spacious and offers a release of new movies. 

Mall of Gujranwala 

If you are a shopaholic or like visiting malls to spend leisure time, visiting the Mall of Gujranwala is the best option for the city trip. A mall displays the most demanding luxury brands in Pakistan and foreign countries. 

You can even dine in restaurants that offer delicious, freshly cooked food. Cafes are also available for those who like chit-chatter with a cup of coffee. The mall is all-inclusive, so why give it a try for a good day to explore the different parts of it? 

Gurdwara Rori Sahib

The famous Gurdwara Rori Sahib is another attraction built with a large pond. It has existed since the era of ancient Maharaja Ranjit Singh and still displays the history of Sikhism in the region. The artistic building is a masterpiece of fantastic architecture based on a central large-sized dome, small dome-shaped pavilions, and a rectangular hall. 

All sides of the Gurdwara prophecy show the richness of Sikh culture, religion, and traditions. Hundreds of followers visit the place in Vaisakhi, paying tribute and appreciating the existence of a religious place. 

Gulshan-E-Iqbal Park

A spacious park that opens its gate from morning to evening to all nature lovers. The jogging trek is nicely maintained for the regular use of health freaks. If you like following a healthy lifestyle and like to go for a jog in the morning or evening, then this park is the best place for it. 

The grounds are spacious to play with friends and kids, and the rides section also facilitates kids with safe rides. You can see the freshly bloomed flowers, grassy fields, and the different sections displaying natural beauty.

The Growing Industry and Economy of Gujranwala

The city is famous as the third biggest industrial hub of Pakistan. It has led to providing the best quality of the following products. 

  • Rice and food products 
  • Cutlery, cookers, and glass goods  
  • Plastic and domestic appliances 
  • All kinds of agricultural tools 
  • Carpets and leather produces 
  • Machinery for military use 
  • Motorbikes 

Experiencing the Vibrant Festivals and Traditions of Gujranwala

The land has become a ground for the training of wrestlers. The wrestlers from the past and the “Rahim Baksh Sultaniwala”, Gama “Ghulam Muhammad Baksh Butt Phelwan” comonly known as “The Great Gama”, and “Bholu Baraderyan Pahalwan” are all famous wrestlers of this land. The city’s youngsters are still passionate about wrestling as a fun game. 

Exploring the Mouth-Watering Cuisine of Gujranwala

The city is still offering delicious food to empty stomachs. 

  • BBQ
  • Siri Payee
  • Daal Chawal
  • Chicken Handi 
  • Chargha 
  • Harisa
  • Desi Sweets

If you are a tourist, you can enjoy the food from the five well known restaurants in Gujranwala. 

Top 5 Famous Restaurants in Gujranwala

Gujranwala food is exceeding in quality as the restaurant maintains a high food taste, and the ambience also supports the comprehensive search for something more than reasonable. 

Mughal Mahal 

If you like experiencing royalty with the royals, like food, then the Mughal Mahal would give you the desired vibe. You can dine in the different sections like Anarkali and Koh-i-Noor and enjoy the Rooftop Buffet with all the mouth-watering food. 

Shahbaz Tikka

If you taste traditional spices, Shabaz Tikka will serve you different-sized Tikka with juicy sauces. The restaurant specializes in serving Tikka in different forms. Dining in with family and friends is available. 

Prime Restaurant

The next restaurant that offers buffet and hi-tea to visitors is Prime Restaurant. It has everything from starters, salads, and desserts to traditional food. It serves Mint Margarita right away when the customer sits to dine in. 

Fry Master

If you like eating drumsticks, chicken breast, and prawns, then Fry Master is the right place to dine. Famous chicken dishes are available with a friendly environment and background music. 

Karachi BBQ

For BBQ lovers, Karachi BBQ is where you can enjoy chicken karahi, hot and sour soup, and grilled charge while dining in for a formal or informal meetup. The place is neat and friendly, ready to serve customers on a large scale. 

Famous Celebrities of Gujranwala 

The city has produced many celebrities, providing opportunities to grow in confidence and personality along with education. Celebrities have gained a lot of fame in different industries. 

  1. Gen. Rt. Qamar Javed Bajwa (Ex-COAS Pakistan)
  2. Sohail Ahmed (Tv Artist & Comedian)
  3. Munawar Zareef (Film Actor & Comedian)
  4. Atif Aslam (Pop Singer)
  5. Hamid Nasir Chatta (Ex-Federal Minister) 
  6. Khurram Dastgir Khan (Ex-Minister of Commerce, Minister of Defence and Power) 
  7. Saba Qamar (Tv Actress & Model) 
  8. Arun Kumar Ahuja (Indian Actor)
  9. Amanullah (Comedian) 
  10. Muhammad Raza Saqib Mustafai (Religious Personality)