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Hunza Valley: [Top 10] Tourists Attractions Where Time Stands Still

Hundreds of miles away from city life, people run away to the northern mountains of Pakistan to encounter the mesmerizing beauty. Here close to Karakoram Highway, lies Hunza Valley, with its ancient history and meaningful existence in Gilgit Baltistan.  

The cultural values, the market of artefacts, and the narrow streets of the valley’s residential area make it the favourite of many visitors who even visit it for the first time. The restaurants and hotels all serve the best traditional cuisine, and the season of juicy fruits on trees is abundantly found in almost every house. 

Discovering the History of Hunza Valley 

If you are also planning to see the unseen beauty of the valley, which is among Pakistan’s top 10 hill stations, here is the detailed information you can use to discover the place. 


In ancient times, Hunza was a princely state that connected two famous borders: Xinjiang, China and the Pamir Mountains. However, Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto discovered the valley, further recognized as connecting Gilgit Agency and Nagar from different directions. 


The residents of the valley experience and enjoy all of the four incredible seasons of Hunza weather as other citizens of Pakistan do. However, if we discuss the season that enhances the exquisiteness of the mountainous region, then visiting the valley in the Fall season is the best option. 

You would see the valley filled with yellow and brown coloured nature and grey mountains. On the other hand, winters are primarily harsh as heavy snowfalls remain to hail throughout the 4-5 months. Summer is also an excellent season to visit the place as the temperature stays around 20 centigrade.

May to September which consist of summer and fall seasons are best to visit the valley.


Gilgit-Baltistan is a vast region where the Hunza Valley is also located at a high elevation of 2438 meters near the Hunza River. With its fast waves, the giant river remains active day and night as glaciers melt and fill it. It borders Ishkoman, Shigar, and Afghanistan Wakhan Corridor. 

Following are the three central regions of the valley. 

  1. Upper Hunza (Gojal)
  2. Central Hunza 
  3. Lower Hunza (Shinaki)

On your way to Hunza, you can also visit Nagar Valley Hunza.


Tourists fascinated with the beauty of the mountains cover quite a long distance to visit the valley. The distance of the Hunza Valley is different on several sides.

  • Islamabad to Hunza Distance: 581.6 km 
  • Lahore to Hunza Distance: 544 km 
  • Gilgit to Hunza: 58.7 km
  • Babusar Top to Hunza: 158 km


You must aim at successfully leading to the mountains, and attaining a map can help you do this. Therefore, here is the map of Hunza Nagar that you can use and start your journey. 

Top 10 Tourists Attractions in Hunza: Exploring Sights

Tourists planning a trip to Hunza can find many attractions, among which are the best. 

Altit Fort

One of the tourist attractions in Hunza is the 1100 years old Altit Fort in Hunza Valley. The Fort is a treasure of remains and relics of Mir rulers of Hunza and has received the distinguished award of UNESCO Asia Pacific Heritage. 

History narrators assist the tourist in visiting the different corners of the Altit Fort. The guards also remain warm and welcoming while maintaining the security of the Fort.

Baltit Fort

Located near Karimabad, Hunza is the next Fort called Baltit Fort, which was mainly founded in the 8th century but still is preserved. Aga Khan Trust for Cultural Historical Cities Support Programme paid for the abandoned fort and renovated the heritage of Hunza valley. 

The Fort is famous for the rich cultural representation and lifestyle of the ancient Mir living in Hunza. You can sense the historical memories of Mir by seeing the various corners of Hunza. 

Karimabad Bazar

If you are a shopaholic, visiting Karimabad Bazaar can satisfy your soul as the unique bazaar is the central place to find many interesting souvenirs. There are traditional shawls, scarves, and handcrafts that people buy and give to their relatives and friends as a memory of the land. 

Different local restaurants and small shops can be seen selling dry fruits and Shilajeet, which mountaineers take from the mountainous region. 

Attabad Lake

If you are enthusiastic about visiting Pakistan’s lakes, then Attabad Lake is one of the charming lakes you would love to see. The 21 km long and 358 ft. deep lake near the village gives a pleasant view to the eyes. Activities like boating and playing in the surrounding area are allowed. 

The lake is of blue waters and depicts a green shade in between. Visitors are often taking pictures near the lake, appreciating their visit. 

Passu Glacier 

Passu village, connected with Passy Peak, is the next destination you would love to visit because of its beauty. You would find it on the way to Hunza, along with the vast and impressive Karakoram Highway. 

The sweeping landscaping is the place where you can slow down and appreciate the magnificent nature. It is 20 033 feet tall and is an incredible place to visit.  

Eagle’s Nest

You reach the Eagle’s Nest from a natural track, based 2 hours walk from Karimabad. Situated at 2850 elevation from the sea level, this fabulous place is perfect for those covering miles to come to Hunza. 

The hotel offers high-quality services with additional features added with wooden and stone-based infrastructure. Local and international cuisine is available with great taste in advance.  

Duiker Village

Among the most amazing places, Duikar Village is the next place near Karimabad. You can reach Duikar Village easily from Eagle Nest, which is also an excellent opportunity to visit. The sunrise and sunset time also gives impressive views to the residents and tourists. 

Visiting Duikhar Village can open new horizons if you like natural geographical features. 

Rakaposhi Viewpoint 

Rakaposhi Peak is the 27th highest peak in the world. Joined with Ghulmet Glacier, the viewpoint of Rakaposhi is the desire of many who want to reach the summit. Many mountaineers in the summer season head towards the peak to explore unexpected ways. 

View and the journey both give unforgettable experiences to the visitors of Rakaposhi. The way toward the peak is challenging so that the view can satisfy the soul. 

Hussaini Bridge 

Many have created Vlogs of crossing Hussaini Bridge safely, and that’s the wonder of this adventure on the bridge. You can fix your hands and feet properly while stepping from one step to the next. The view below looks extremely scary and gives goosebumps, but it is as entertaining as it sounds. 

If you are an adventure lover, then you must plan to visit the bridge along with your friends. 

Ganish Village

The next place in Hunza District is Ganish Village, famous for being the oldest settlement of people—traditional mosques and the reservoir that you can enjoy with your family. 

From Gilgit, the travel time is only 2.5 hours and is easy to cover so you can visit it comfortably on your trip. 

Where to Stay in Hunza: Best Hotels for Accommodation 

Many excellent Hunza hotels are leading with the best to offer to visitors. Here is detailed information about the hotels that you can choose from. 

Luxus Hotel Hunza

With a well-maintained indoor and outdoor seating arrangement, this restaurant is the perfect place to dine for large family and friend groups. You can find the best taste of local and different kinds of presidential, royal and Infinity Lake view rooms. 

Serena Hotel Hunza 

If you want to stay where you remain connected with the sounds and environment of the mountains, then Serena hotel is the right option. Accommodation, dining and general facilities are outstanding, and the staff never compromises in providing quality service. 

Moksha Resort Hunza 

A small family-run hotel named Moksha Resort has gained much popularity in the valley because of its extraordinary service and hospitality. It is an ideal place for small groups consisting of couples and friends. 

Mulberry Hotel Hunza

The cosy beds, warm food and good staff keep the visitors happy as Mulberry Resort remains high in standardized services. Room service, flat-area and flat-TV service are for those who want to stay close to entertainment while enjoying the hotel’s other facilities. 

Mountain Inn Hunza

Mountain Inn Hunza is the best for those who like enjoying the best indoor facilities in a hotel while viewing the mountains from a distance. From food to seating and room service, everything is parred excellence. 


Here are more answers to your questions for better planning a trip to Hunza Valley.

Why is Hunza Valley famous?

As we have been talking about the incredible beauty of the valley, the Hunza is famous for preserving the culture and values and empowering the communities while not leaving the natural treasure behind. 

Which is the best month to visit Hunza Valley?

No matter if you want to accompany your friends and family members, the best month to visit Hunza Valley is May-September. You can enjoy the beauty of any of the months during this period. 

Is it safe to travel to Hunza Valley?

Yes, It is entirely safe to visit Hunza as the local authorities have maintained discipline and law and order well. Other than that, as the community is economically independent, the crime rate is low. 

How many days are enough for Hunza Valley?

Generally, you can schedule a trip for an entire week as the distance is quite much; however, even a 15 days trip would give you much time to relax and enjoy the beauty of the valley. 

Is Hunza the same as Skardu?

Although both Hunza and Skardu are mountainous regions of Pakistan; however, both differ in a lot of ways. Mainly, on a commercial level, Skardu is leading more than Hunza as new resorts are being built there. 

What is the famous sport of Hunza?

With incredibly high elevation, the best suitable sport that men in Hunza Pakistan like to engage in their pastime is Horse Polo. They play polo in remote and beautiful alpine pastures.