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Kumrat Valley Dir: 10 Reasons to Visit Kumrat in 2023

Many tourists have explored different places in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa but have yet to hear about Kumrat Valley. 

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Is Kumrat Beautiful?

Those who have visited it do not forget the captivating beauty and nature of the land. If you still need information about the valley, this guide will give you multiple reasons to visit the canyon. 

Are you worried that you do not have any knowledge about the valley? Here is the complete command you require to go to Kumrat Valley with your family.   

Knowledge About Kumrat Valley Dir 

Kumrat Valley, also known as Pakistan’s beauty queen, is located amidst grey and blue rushing rivers and gigantic mountains. A land of fresh air, waterfalls from grey mountains attract tourists from all over the world. 

Koh Hindu Kash in Valley Dir is Kumrat Valley. It is covered in densely populated trees, and sensational, deodar trees, meadows, clouds, silver snow and numerous waterfalls make it one of the best places on earth. 


Kumrat valley, with its alpine trees, creates an alpine climatic environment which is mild, cool and pleasant in the summer. Planning a summer trip is the best of all decisions as the temperature only fluctuates between 20-25 °C. 

However, as KPK is the mountainous range of Pakistan, the weather of Kumrat Valley in winter gets harsh as extreme snowfall starts and covers the ground from 3-11 feet. The temperature in winter ranges from -4 to -10°C. 


The valley is mainly located in the beautiful region of Upper Dir Kohistan. It is only 45 minutes from Thal Town, nearby Panjkora River, Upper Dir, and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. 

Height :

Kumrat Valley is located at 8,100 ft. above sea level and can only be accessed through 4×4 wheel vehicles. 


The distance between tourists who aim to take their adventurous journey to Kumrat Valley on a four-wheel varies from place to place. Generally, you would enjoy the scene which fascinates human senses as the mountains heal the weary. However, the exhaustion caused by travel could also be tiring. 

Following is the distance tourists cover from different roads in the Kumrat Valley. 

  • Islamabad: 372.2KM via AH1 M-1
  • Swat: 42.7KM
  • Kalam: 62.8KM via Uttar-Dir Road 

Hotels & Resorts 

Both kinds of high-end and average hotels and resorts are available to facilitate the tourists for the Kumrat Valley tour. Iconic service mainly depends on the demand of tourists, and the price is set accordingly. 

Mainly the tourists appreciate the following impressive list of hotels and resorts. 

Hotel Green Hills Thall Kumrat0321 1100292
Kumrat Glamping Resort 0322 4501339
Panjkura Hotels and Resort 0300 1013838
River Edge Resorts Kumrat0300 0509998
Latitude Resort0302 0730707


Whether you are travelling with friends or family, you must accompany a tour guide and chauffeur who can guide you through a map.

Is Kumrat Valley Worth Visiting?  

If you have heard that Kumrat Valley is on everyone’s bucket list, you have also watched Youtubers covering the beauty of green pastures, forests and the foggy mesmerising giant mountains.  

That’s all you can hear, but the experience of staying in the mountains away from the hustle and bustle and noise of the city makes it worth visiting. The valley has peace to offer as it connects humans to mother nature. 

Can We Go to Kumrat Valley by Car? 

Going in a four-wheel vehicle is safe only if the chauffeur has earlier experience driving in the mountains. The twisting hills and mountains can be slippery and challenging to elevate while driving, so hiring and keeping a trained driver is necessary.

Cars, vans and even buses are allowed to enter Kumrat Valley. From time to time and location checkposts monitor the transition of travellers from entering and exiting the valley to maintain safety, law and order. 

What is the Best Time to Visit Kumrat? 

Summer is when the icy mountains leave thick layers of snow as the sun shines. People with hectic routines look for Eid-Ul-Adha to visit the valley in April and May, while families with kids organise trips during summer vacation in June and July.  

The entire summer season is safe to travel to as all restaurants and resorts are open and functional this season. However, planning a winter vacation should be avoided because the roads can get blocked by ice. 

10 Attractions of Kumrat Valley 

The Indescribable and breathtaking Kumrat Valley has ten famous places to visit. You would indeed plan to explain the ten heart-stirring attractions of Kumrat valley. 

Kumrat Camping Pods: 

Located near the waterfall, the camping pods are the perfect accommodation consisting of comfortable service, private bathroom, toiletries and seating area. 

Front desk officers are available for good service 24 hours. Enjoy the local or continental food and take pleasure in residing in camping pods.  

Jahaz Banda Kumrat:

Famous as the lush green meadow, Jaz Banda or Jahaz Banda is a hill station for tourists to enjoy quality time with loved ones. It is mainly located in the upper reaches of the beautiful valley at 3,100ft. Altitude. 

The tourists get fascinated to see the towering trees and the abundantly green pastures as they give way to local villages located in the surrounding. 

Katora Lake:

The following fantastic spot is also on the list of tourist attractions as it is a lake covered by alpine glacial. Katora Lake is located nearby Jahaz Banda and is surrounded by impressive glaciers that melt in summer. 

The name of Katora Lake is connected with its literal representation of a bowl filled with water, which is what primarily Youtubers capture while visiting the place. 

Kumrat Waterfall: 

Another fantastic attraction spot to stay and enjoy is Kumrat Waterfall. This marvellous view connects the visitors with nature in its purest and kindest way. 

Take a bath under the waterfall and feel the pleasant and extraordinary sensation of water. 

Although it is not observable from a distance, from a nearby view, an entirely new experience engages the tourists. 

Kumrat Panjkora River: 

How many of you like to fold your trousers up and freely lay your legs in the rushing water of the rivers and lakes? If you are one of them, then Kumrat Panjkora River can give you this opportunity. 

Enjoy BBQ near the forest and eat while sitting beside the natural sound of the water passing by. 

Kumrat Wild Trout Habitat: 

When you enter Kumrat Valley, you will start listening to the stories of cooked Trout Fish, which is the most famous food of the valley. Wild Trout Habitat is what you would see at different spots as the fish breed in the freshwater without any artificial breeding. 

Enjoy the sight and the taste of freshly captured fish from the nearby river. 

Kumrat Wild Life: 

Grazing cattle with long hairy skin and beautiful brown and white are mostly seen as shepherds lead them. You would also see the boards indicating restricted areas where the entrance is not allowed because of snow leopards. 

Wherever you go, Kumrat WildLife will awe you of the natural blessings of this land.  

Kumrat National Park: 

Kumrat National Park is located in Upper Dir that promotes tourism in the area as it facilitates the visitors with every primary facility. The roads to the park are well-constructed, and the views are unbelievably amazing. 

You can also camp in the surrounding areas, which are mainly allowed for a stay. 

Kumrat Majestic Mountains: 

Who can forget the majestic mountains of the valley as the prophecy, the power and endless beauty of nature? Although Kumrat Valley has suffered because of deforestation, the hills are still welcoming for the cattle to graze. 

Roam around and lay on the grassy mountains while glancing at the open-air beauty in the surrounding. 

Kumrat Town Centre: 

Kumrat Town Centre is the last option on the list, but its beauty and facilitation are not the least in number. You can enjoy every natural aspect and the hospitability of the locals and the service providers. 

Relish in the natural beauty of Kumrat Valley and enjoy every moment of your visit.