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Moola Chotok Khuzdar Balochistan: A Hidden Ravine

Located in Khuzdar district, Balochistan, a place that provides tourists some time to relax is Moola Chotok. The site offers many distinctive and entertaining nature-related activities that tourists enjoy. That is why, every day, this place seems crowded with nature lovers spending their leisure time with friends and family members. 

Moola Chotok Balochistan, Pakistan

Knowledge About Moola Chotok 

Moola Chotok is connected by a village named “Moola” which is the main attraction of Balochistan. It is one of the beautiful places where hundreds of tourists come and enjoy their time. It’s one of the most beautiful hill stations of Pakistan.

It is true that Pakistan is the land of the most scenic views and Moola Chotok is one of them as discovered by many.

Although tourists have always admired the food of Balochistan and this place has remained hidden from the eyes. However, fame has increased since this period, and people have always continued heading toward natural beauty.  

You would find the same peace of visiting Kumrat Valley as Balochistan would entertain you similarly.  

Moola Chotok Waterfalls


Dating back to 2,000 years, Moola Chotok has a long history and connects to the ancient ruins of Hatachi and Pasta Khan. Balochistan mainly borders Sindh and Iran and portrays a rich illustration of history. From a distance of 80 km from Khuzdar, you can reach Moola.  


The hidden ravine of Moola Chotok is in the middle of ancient Khuzdar in Southern Balochistan. It is at a distance of 105 km from the northeast of Khuzdar at an elevation of 4,058 ft. Tall mountains and cliffs surround it. The amazing-looking cascading waterfall is the gateway to attract tourists to Moola Chotok. 


Distance from Khuzdar: 105.8 km via Moola Road 

Distance from Karachi: 471.7 km via Regional Cooperation of Development Hwy 


Balochistan is a hot region, so, in summer, Moola Chotok is desirable with 48.9C and unsuitable for visiting. However, the area remains cold in winter and is still inconvenient for tourists. The place’s weather and season to visit are the end of winter and the start of the spring season. 

September and November are also good to visit as the season remains pleasant Balochistan’s beauty remains vibrant. 


Here is a complete map you would require while travelling to the destination. 

The Natural Beauty of Moola Chotok 

Moola Chotok is filled with the natural beauty surrounding the entire region. Here are the main attractions you would love to visit on your trip.


Moola River in Balochistan is connected with Moola Chotok Waterfall through the excellent and spacious Moola Valley. You can also explore the blue-watered lakes among the tall giant mountains. 

Remove all the negative ions by falling under the splashing water. Sock yourself fresh and dive in the wavy water with your friends. You would experience serotonin and would be happier being in the water. 

Rock Formation

The high cliffs of the place are located independently at an altitude of 1,200 metres, soulfully above sea level. The cliff range gives this place a distinctive look that everyone is fascinated by. 

On the way to Moola Chotok, you can also see salt mines are also in the same range where miners might be working. This mountainous region is remote, so many people are unaware of it. 

Jazib Samuel

3 Adventure Activities at Moola Chotok

Among the many activities, the three adventurous activities that tourists like for mental and physical strength are hiking, trekking and mountain climbing. Get a peak adrenaline rush and enjoy all aspects of the following three adventurous activities. 


Although hiking for many is challenging and moderately tricky, on the cliffs of Moola Chotok, it is all about walking long distances on the naturally built trails. The paths are suitable for hiking, especially in peasant weather. In monsoons, covering the way is not a good idea at all. 

The goal of hiking depends on your plan for the selective long or short itineraries, so keeping yourself hydrated is compulsory. Owning a company to keep yourself entertained is also essential. 

Rock Climbing 

Different kinds of rock climbing activities entertain visitors. Trad, usually known as traditional climbing, is mainly liked by experienced rock climbers. A group of youngsters trained primarily in rock climbing take rock climbing at Moola Chotok as an engaging activity. 

Building a robust anchor is necessary for the second type, rope climbing. You can also enjoy it in the company of trainer climbers and teachers. You can also select this activity to experience every aspect of your trip. 


Those who like walking and trekking on the high cliffs visit Moola Chotok to sense the fresh air and the fragrance of wild plants. You can start hiking the ridge from the camp side from the camp and then come back towards the waterfall. 

The activity is full of adventure as you don’t stay isolated during hiking; you return tired and enjoy bathing in the waterfall. Further, you can also enjoy warm, freshly cooked food with your family. Locals mainly see it as a blessing in disguise as it provides an entirely natural experience to visitors. 

Planning Your Trip to Moola Chotok: 5 Tips and Recommendations

For adventure seekers, savviness is not a goal, as the on-the-road experience gives an entertaining occurrence. However, to save yourself from countless errors in Balochistan, you can follow the tips and recommendations to make your trip worth remembering. 

  • Hire trainers for mountain climbing to stay safe. 
  • Grab the free walks that are full of natural beauty-filled paths 
  • Respect the locals for their culture and values 
  • Keep the beauty of the mountainous region unspoiled 
  • Make memories to cherish afterwards