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Most Beautiful and Famous Historical Places to Visit in Multan

Near the River Chenab, an ancient city, Multan is situated with its ancient history and importance. 

The city’s name was first based on Suraj Temple and named Monihistan, but it changed in Multan over time. The land is denoted because of the numerous kinds of souvenirs that people buy and send to loved ones. 

Multan depicts the colors of four distinctive districts: Multan Saddar, Shujjabad, and Jalalpur Pirwala. Therefore, it is an entirely diversified place that gives visitors new adventures. For learning more about the city for your next visit, we provide detailed and rich information about Multan. 

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Knowledge About Multan 

From 360 Zoo and DHA, the latest addition to the city, let’s spend some time learning about the city’s history. 


Multan is considered one of the three oldest cities in the world. Even books about history claim that it existed in Noah’s Storm. It was first situated near the River Ravi and was challenging to take over.

Most travelers from the Sub-continent, Afghanistan, and Faris used the routes of the ancient city to pass by. It also became a victim of many who landed here with their to play hide and seek in brutal wars. 

The shrine of “Yousaf Ghardazi” and many other saints’ shrines give this land the spiritual essence that people seek and get attracted to. 


According to the statistics and weather reports, people in Multan experience all four seasons and enjoy them accordingly. In winter, the weather remains cold, with moderate rainfall and common hailstorms. Fog and smog are also expected from November to February, as they sometimes last for multiple weeks. 

However, violent dust storms take the lead in June and July, and the chances of heat stroke increase because of intense heat waves. The monsoon lasts from July to September, and people enjoy relief from summer by visiting places outside. 


Knowing the distance is essential if you plan a trip to Multan. Here is the detail of the distance I have to cover while traveling to the city of historical gems. 

Distance from Islamabad: 536.8 km via Lahore Islamabad Motorway/AH1/M2 and M4

Distance from Lahore: 338.1 km via Lahore-Abdul Hakeem Motorway/M-3 

Is Multan a Beautiful City?

Multan, a city of historical places, is captivating for architecture and peace seekers who take pleasure in seeing the treasure saved in the form of monuments. 

From the beautiful natural scenery to the loved sites, the city is committed to entertaining visitors with every pleasant adventure. The beauty is evident from the intricate designs of the historical buildings, spacious gardens, and the experience, which makes it worth spending time to visit. 

What is Famous About Multan?

Being the oldest city in the world, Multan is famous for its ancient history dating back to the era of Sikandar-E-Azam to 332 BC. 

One of the oldest temples also exists here, which depicts a clear picture of diversity. 

It is also called the city of saints, where many followers pay their tribute every year. Furthermore, Multan Fort is another attraction.

15 Historical and Beautiful Famous Tourists Attractions to Visit in Multan 

Visits to numerous historical places in Multan remind people about the historical and spiritual quest of the descendants. Here are the ten historical tourist attractions of the city that you can visit too.

Mausoleum of Shah Shams Sabzwari

The following historical site in our list is the mausoleum of ”Shah Shams Sabzwari”, mainly located in the Fort site on River Ravi’s bank. Dating back to 1276, the place has significance in the history of spiritual leaders of Multan. If you are interested in seeing infrastructure glazed with shining decorative, this place should be on your list.  

A beautiful hemispherical dome-based external structure covers, giving it a fantastic look, and the ornamental shining tiles give the tomb a beautiful appeal for 9the visitors.

Mausoleum of Baha-u-Din Zakariya 

Among the first historical tourist attractions is the Mausoleum of Baha-u-Din Zakariya, a Sunni Muslim scholar. Being a saint and poet, he was famous among the people of his times c. 1170-1262 as he established a famous Suhrawardiya order in South Asia. 

He is known as an influential spiritual mentor and leader of his era, for whom thousands of hearts became followers. Even today, people come and pay tribute by visiting the mausoleum. 

Mausoleum of Shah Rukn-e-Alam

Another Punjabi Sufi named Sheikh Ruku-ud-Din Adul Fateh’s tomb is in Multan. He belonged to the prestigious Suhrawardiya Sufi Order; hundreds of thousands of followers pilgrimage to the mausoleum every year. 

Enlisted as UNESCO World Heritage Site, the mausoleum has undergone renovation stages with new titles and bricks that give it a modern identity, but the spiritual element still exists.

Mausoleum of Shah Gardez

In 1880 AD, a famous Islamic Sufi headed towards Multan, who restored faith in people and brought them to religion. Performing miracles was one of his spiritual gifts, and today his shrine is situated inside Bohar Gate. The rectangle building decorated with the title’s glazing light is a centre of attraction. 

If you are interested in learning the history of influential leaders, you should visit the mausoleum and listen to the narratives from the guardians. 

Mausoleum of Mai Maharban 

Mai Maharban is another famous saint whose mausoleum is a tourist attraction. One of the ancient structure based dome-based mausoleums gives evidence of the rich architecture of 1140 A.D.

If you are an architecture student or are interested in learning about ancient buildings, this is the right place to explore. 

Mausoleum of Syed Musa Pak

Another famous mausoleum of Multan is an astonishingly beautiful dome of vibrant colors that attract every eye. It is the mausoleum of Syed Musa Pak, a Sufi famous among the people for his spiritual realm. 

Visit to the mausoleum opens an eye for the visitors toward the incorporation of arts and religion. From 1572 till now, the tome looks as new as it was built centuries ago.

Ahmad Shah Abdali Birthplace Monument Multan

Another delightful and appealing structure comes under the monument list. It is Ahmad Shah Abdali’s birthplace monument located that attracts millions of art lovers to Multan. Being a visionary person, Ahmad Shah Abdali, Emperor of Afghanistan also is considered necessary because of his political views. 

He is still remembered as a man without any prejudice. His birthplace is celebrated for the love people have for him.

Multan Arts Council

For lovers of arts, music and drama, Multan Arts Council is another spot where you can enjoy the events with your family and friends. Established in 1975, this place still is a treasure for those who thrive on learning and leisure.

Theatres and even music libraries are located inside the council to entertain visitors and art lovers. 

Multan Museum

Mainly curious minds love to visit museums and learn about the history of the world. Multan Museum is the love of such minds who get in awe when they see the remains of old times. The place has a collection of pure coins, stamps, and manuscripts that interest you. 

Other than that, you can also see wood carvings, historical models, and stone carving that belong to the period before Islamic history.

Ghanta Ghar

multan ghanta ghar

The Clock Tower of Multan is the next attraction built in 1884 A.D. over the ruins of Haveli of Ahmad Khan Sadozai during the promising British Raj. In 1872, it was named Northbrook Towner, the former viceroy of India in that era. 

In 1988, the main hall was given the name ‘Jinnah Hall, and after the independence of the sub-continent, this was initially used to organize cultural programs. It is now in the government’s plans to change the place into a museum.

Multan Fort

Who would deny the attraction of Multan Fort, which gives a distinctive and rich experience to the visitors. Standing on the top of Fort, you can view the fantastic view of the city from a distance and enjoy a unique experience. 

Damdama, Tomb Shah Rukn-e-Islam, and Barood Khana would be found here to give more exposure and historical narrative. Qasim, Khizri, Sikhi and Hareri gates are the entering and exit points of the fort that you can explore on your visit. 

Saddar Bazar

The next attraction for people from all age groups is the Saddar Bazar in Multan, an eminent market. All are available here, from everyday wearables to luxurious brands of clothes and shoes. Unlike other markets in Multan, the market facilitates visitors with premium products.  

Considered the gigantic bazaar of Multan, it is the place which you would love to visit with your friends and family members. 

Chenab Park

A suitable place located on the bank of River Chenab is best to enjoy a picnic and eat delicious fish is the Chenab Park in Multan, which keeps its doors open for visitors. This park will give you everything if you like traditional setting-based places. 

Kids can find different kinds of swings and roller coasters. Click pictures and enjoy quality time with friends and family members. 

Parhaland Temple in Fort Kohna Multan

Old Fort Kohna has another exciting monument that is famous as Parhaland Temple. The place is famous for the religious history of the Holi celebration that commenced first here. There are narratives of miraculous events attached to the temple. 

The temple is perfect for learning about the history of religious diversity in the country, which still needs to get explored by thousands. 

Jain Temple Multan

About 100 years old, the Jain Temple in Multan narrates the history of the Suembra Sect of the Jain religion. It is considered one of the historical places as it is situated inside the Walled City Multan. 

The place is a perfect spot to explore historical architecture as it still looks vibrant and exceptional in its appearance. 

What are the Famous Foods of Multan?  

Multan can expose you to rich and flavorful foods if you are a food lover. Following is the list of food that removes hunger and quenches the thirst of millions of visitors, giving them a lasting joyful memory of food. 

1. Crispy and full-flavored Halwa Puri and Channey 

2. Multani Biryani with Salad and Shami Kabab 

3. Yakhni Pulao with Salad and Raita 

4. Sweet Lime Juice

5. Mutton Chaap with Fried Roti and Chutney 

If you are interested in reading about the top food of Pakistan. Then you may find something similar to your taste in Multan.

Multan Famous Thing to Buy

Not one thing, but numerous things in Multan are just for giving more life to people worldwide. You would find the traditional but modern essence in different things available in Multan. Following is the list of items you can buy on your next trip. 

Multani Sohn Halwa

Hafiz Sohn Halwa, established in 1960, has reached different countries as people give it as a gift. Reweri Sohn Halwa is another place where you have to stand in a queue to buy the sweet and sticky but delicious halwa. 

This sweet edible is easy to consume and store, so people use it as a gift of love and appreciation. 

Multani Soil (Multani Mitti)

Multani soil or mitti is famous among women as they use it for enhancing beauty. The product stays high in demand as it balances the skin tone and reduces oil giving human skin a vibrant look. 

The soil is taken from the mountains in the deserted land where it is considered an asset and collected by laborers to bring it to market, even if it is used for hair, full of qualities that enrich the substance. 

Multan Blue Pottery 

The following fantastic gift people share is Multan blue pottery, famous hand-painted glass, cups, and other available crockery items. Mostly people use Multan blue pottery in houses as it gives a nice dynamic to even the dining table. 

The hand-painted pottery with different designs is the next item you would surely love to buy on your visit to Multan. 

Multani Khussa 

Girls mostly admire wearing easy and soft footwear in the summer season, which is what Multani Khussa is about. Beautiful Khussa sets are available at a reasonable price that you can buy for yourself, family members, or a friend. 

Traditional footwear stays in fashion and remains a symbol of identity and culture, so why not try some by getting it from Multan? 

Multani Mangoes 

Multan is an agricultural region where many different kinds of fruits are produced and harvested, but it is primarily famous for its mangoes. 30% of its land is dedicated to harvesting mangoes on over 7500 hectares.

Anwar Rataul, Chunsa, and Langra are the famous kinds of mangoes that you can buy from the city. What are you waiting for? Plan your next trip and eat the juicy yummy mangoes of Multan. 

Camel Skin Lamps

Two days of manual cleaning of camel skin is further changed into laps as the signature trade of Pakistan. Multan’s camel skin lamps constitute a significant business in the city as it has been a tradition to craft fine lamps. 

Hours of manual skillful work-based lamps boost the handicraft market as people decorate their homes with them. Tourists from all over the world like purchasing these lamps to enhance the indoor and outdoor ambiance.