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Top 10 Famous Hill Stations of Pakistan to Visit in 2023

Pakistan, with its famous historical monuments and the breathtaking beauty of the mountainous ranges, has received enough admiration. Visitors visit Pakistan regularly to enjoy the culture, essence, and overall beauty. Remember that it is the place that gives them peace as well. Among the best hill stations are Pakistan’s top 10 famous hill stations to visit in 2023.

The ice peak, shining deserts, and famous buildings attract nature and history lovers from all over Pakistan. You have reached the right place if you are still waiting to learn about the sites offering scenic views. 

We have thoroughly reviewed the list of 10 popular places to visit this year with family and friends. Trust us! You will always be happy choosing by selecting any location for your next visit to the land of beauty and culture.

Top 10 Hill Stations of Pakistan

Most people like to visit the highest hill stations during the summer vacation as they know that the kind of revitalization and relaxation they are looking for is only there. Fortunately, many of the hill stations in Pakistan possess an individual and rich identity of serving millions of tourists. The environment and facilities people desire can all be found at the entertaining, calm hill stations. 

You must explore the ten hill stations during your next vacation in Pakistan. If you want to enjoy the entire experience, reading and getting detailed information about the top 10 hill stations for a fruitful experience would benefit you. 


You might be familiar with Murree as the place’s name is on everyone’s mind. The city grabs viewers’ attention mainly around the news corner on TV and YouTube. It welcomes thousands of visitors annually in different seasons to amuse them with the local facilities.

Local and international visitors not only admire Mall Road for the famous market filled with shops and hawkers selling clothes, shoes, and food items to visitors. Although Murree is closer to Islamabad with only a half-hour drive, people from all over Pakistan like to visit it. 

You can also enjoy the chairlift by visiting the Patriata Chairlift, which is robust enough to ensure safety for the chairlift adventure. Next comes the two parks, Sangrela Park and Chattar Park, where you would see monkeys asking for fruits.  

Famous places located inside Murree for tourists are as follows. 

  • Pindi Point
  • Kashmir Point 
  • Mall Road 


A historical hill station that still resides in the memories of visitors. The hill station offers fresh, sweet-smelling air in summer and snowy ground in winter. Being a perfect hill station, tourists can look at the flowing streams and sit while looking at the pine trees. As the place is abundant in natural beauty, you can hear the echoes of cuckoos in the open space. 

Visit the famous “Ilyasi Mosque” and get connected to the essence of spirituality. View the mosque’s architecture while admiring the spacious area in which it is built. Visit St. Luke’s Church and see how the place is preserved concerning diversity in Pakistan. Among the different locations, the following areas can give you full service.

  • Nathia Gali 
  • Miranjani Top 
  • Mukeshpuri Top 
  • Thandiani 


Known worldwide for its exceptional geographical features, Gilgit is the next hill station to visit during summer vacation. Pakistan administers Gilgit-Baltistan, but it gives an entirely new overview of looking at the people. 

It is the best place for those who like meeting people from different communities living independently and preserving their culture and values. The people are incredibly hospitable and never interfere in the personal activities and time of the visitors. Naltar Valley is also fascinating, so if you want to explore it, you can get information about 5 reasons to pick Naltar Valley. Among the many unique places, the following are the few worth visiting. It is the best place to enjoy nature-filled activities such as hiking, kayaking, and camping.

  • Deosai National Park 
  • Attabad Lake 
  • Karakoram Highway 
  • Kunjerab Pass 


Hunza is a gorgeous tourist spot and hill station which is famous for its awe-inspiring sports and the weather in the summer season. Mountaineers and hikers enjoy the hypnotic kush green plains that have their existence and kingdom. Fruit-laden orchards could be seen everywhere. Furthermore, Nagar Valley in Hunza will be the most promising travel destination in 2023. 

The only challenge for some is reaching the place after travelling for extended hours from the main cities of Pakistan. Different spots to stay during the travel also have restrooms to refresh oneself. Cafes and restaurants also serve fresh and warm food, beverages, and snacks to exhausted visitors.

You would see the locals of two famous hill stations, Hunza and Skardu being friendly, warm, and hospitable. Both small and large-sized hotels are available, providing comfortable living spaces. 

Following are the spots that you can visit and enjoy. 

  • Altit Fort 
  • Baltit Fort 
  • Eagle’s Nest 
  • Ultar Glacier 
  • Passu Cone 


Bloggers and YouTubers have captured Chitral’s culture millions of times with their cameras, but visiting the place opens up the horizon of gratitude for visitors. Chital is mainly a district with a mountainous border with Gilgit Baltistan and Swat. The natural beauty of this city fascinates everyone who admires the unspoiled places and natural geography of Pakistan. 

Consisting of a mysterious but fascinating landscape, the district also gives views of steep mountains and immense glaciers. The grassy pastures give way to the goats and herds with shepherds that look soothing to the eyes. Although many people go to Gilgit Baltistan, visiting this place gives endless rich memories. The places to visit in Chitral as a group are as follows. 

  • Chitral Museum 
  • Tirch Mir 
  • Kalash 
  • Gram Chashma 


The next hill station is Bahrain, famous for the riverside resorts that give a marvelous view to tourists. Local handicrafts of intricate design attract tourists to the local markets. Tourists mainly buy different carpets and other decorative materials like gleaming hangings.

You can see the famous Daral and Swat rivers as the waves bang, creating a loud sound. The base camps of rivers are also famous for camping and residing under the open sky. The weather remains pleasant throughout the day. 

Fort Munro 

In the British period, the famous Fort Munro was once the residing headquarters of Multan’s commissioner. A well-known Christian cemetery is another fascinating thing to see. Located near Dera Ghazi Khan, the place consists of deserts and fields. It connects with the Koh-e-Sulaiman mountain range and gives a fantastic view to visitors.

Town Munro is located nearby, where tourists live and enjoy snowfall in winter. Hiking and trekking are the favorite activities of those visiting Fort Munro. The bridge of Fort Munro provides a way for tourists to go to other locations. 


Galayat is another hill station, mainly a spacious alley between the mountains that gives it a beautiful look. The picturesque landscape and the luxurious report of Galyat have gained fame and admiration. Mother nature is generous here, so residing here even for a few days refreshes the mind and soul. 

Different famous localities in Galyat are as follows. 

  • Bagnatar 
  • Changla Gali 
  • Ayubia 
  • Dunga Gali 
  • Bara Gali 

Toli Pir

In Rawalkot, Toli Pir, a famous hill station, is an excellent tourist destination during the warm summer. As part of Azad Kashmir, it is filled with rich natural reserves. The mountains of Toli Pir give magnificent views. The road gets a little muddy in monsoon, but simultaneously, it seems clear as it breaks the lost connection with pure water. 

The valleys and surrounding communities give an eye-opening experience to live simply while admiring life’s blessings. The place is best to visit in June and July, especially when you want to escape from the scorching summer. 


Climbers and mountaineers loved Skardu for the landscape and the highest mountain, K2. However, with point hill station residing, Skardu has always stayed because of the hotels and restaurants serving tourists. People around the world have admired the place as the traditions and culture of this place bring them closer to human values. 

All of the facilities catering to tourists in Skardu are well-maintained, and you would find the administration of every place hospitable and faithful to the soul. Basho Valley has mesmerizing views to hypnotize you. Deosai National Park is also located in Skardu, and you can see it during your trip. 

How Many Hill Stations are in Pakistan?

According to research, 23 hill stations in Pakistan provide a tourist-friendly environment. Each hill station varies in the landform, culture, and facilities for tourists. However, they all lead in bridging tourism to the next level of complete adventure for tourism lovers worldwide. In recent years, content creators have started publishing content on social media platforms to tell the world how unique and safe Pakistan is.

Which is The Most Visited Hill Station in Pakistan?

Among the most famous 23 hill stations, it is at the top of the list of every person who likes travelling. Murree is the first based on the distance one has to cover to reach the place. Gilgit and Hunza are also gaining popularity as more tourists visit them regularly every season. Chitral is the last but not the least visited hill station in Pakistan. 

Which Region is Famous for Hill Stations?

Khyber-PakhtunKhwa, a region developing rapidly in the tourism industry, is mainly famous for the best hill stations. With the passing year, both the government and the locals are paying attention to providing better facilities and experiences to visitors. Furthermore, the region also ensures the maintenance of law and order in the area without affecting the pleasure of tourists visiting the region. 

Which Hill Station is More Beautiful?

The most beautiful hill station among the many is Swat, the spacious region that gives way to the Swat River on the side of the local urban community. Whether you visit the markets, parks or even hang out, the fresh air will always touch your face, giving you a refreshing feeling.