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Kalam could be a depression placed ninety-nine kilometres (62 mi) from Mingora within the northern higher section of Swat depression on the banks of the Swat stream within the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of West Pakistan. The Swat stream was shaped as a result of the confluence of 2 major tributaries, the Gabriel and Ushu rivers.

At an elevation of regarding two,000 m (6,600 ft) on top of the water level, the depression itself provides space for a highland that’s placed on top of the stream and used for farming. There are mountains that are visible from Milton, a depression about to Kalam depression, as well as Mount Falaksar five,918 meters (19,416 feet), and another anon. peak half dozen,096 meters (20,000 feet) high.


With a light and customarily heat and temperate climate, Kalam options a moist semitropic climate (Cfa) beneath the Köppen climate classification. the common temperature in Kalam is thirteen.4 °C (56.1 °F), whereas the annual precipitation averages 639 millimetres (25.16 in). Nov is the driest month with fifteen millimetres (0.59 in) of precipitation, whereas the Gregorian calendar month, the wettest month, has median precipitation of ninety-three millimetres (3.66 in).

July is the hottest month of the year with a median temperature of twenty-four.1 °C (75.4 °F). The coldest month, Jan has a median temperature of one.5 °C (34.7 °F).


Kalam includes a sizable amount of alpine glacial lakes. 2 notable lakes within the Kalam depression are Mahodand lake and Kundol lake, each of that are oftentimes visited thanks to their easy accessibility routes. alternative lakes within the region, like Izumi’s lake, are tougher to enter and wish to be done thus on foot.

Mahogany Lake could be a massive lake within the Swat depression, placed more or less forty metric linear units from Kalam, within the Usho Sub-valley at the bottom of the range of mountains.

Tourist Points In Kalam Valley

Kalam Town

Green prime Kalam read the purpose

Ushu Forest



Janshai Meadows

Mahodand Lake

Kandol Lake

Izmis Lake

Kalam Summer pageant

Shahi Ground

Dhamaka Lake

Milton water

Blue Water purpose

1. Kalam Town

Kalam city could be a stunning settlement and has several sensible hotels. it’s placed in an exceedingly stunning depression at the junction of the Swat and Ushu rivers. The scenery all around is spectacular. it’s geographically a perfect place to create your base camp and explore the fantastic places all around it. Moreover, it’s all the facilities a traveller may want, sensible hotels, nice places to eat and outlets to cater to your basic searching necessities. And yes, the scenery all around is just breathless.

2. Ushu Forest

Ushu forest is within the northeast of Kalam at a distance of a handful of kilometres. it’s a stunningly stunning place, with lush inexperienced trees all around. The road to Matilan up the Ushu depression passes through this forest. a perfect place for trekking and encampment. the sweetness and serenity of the place are tough to explain in words.

3. Matilan

Matilan could be a tiny village in the Ushy depression at a distance of regarding eleven kilometres from Kalam. It comes once the Ushu forest. The road could be very little tough to travel on, however, the scenery is the value of this small bother. a tiny low stream known as Ushu conjointly gushes through the stones during this depression. the plush inexperienced hills and forest on all sides build this space, a heaven on earth.

4. Gabral

solely seven kilometres from Utrar, Gabral could be a fascinating place. it’s known for delicious trout, which you’ll be able to relish whereas sitting virtually within the flowing water of the stream flowing near. The road from Kalam is okay and not tough to travel on. an exquisite place to eat, drink and play. Its location at the confluence of Utrar and Gabral rivers merely adds to its beauty.

5. Janshai Meadows, Kalam

It would be no exaggeration if I decided this place was a fairyland. it’s placed at AN elevation of two,700 meters and is just eight kilometres from Kalam. however, it’s an area for hardy and durable as a result of you’ve got to depart your automobile at Blue Water purpose and canopy a distance of regarding 3 to four kilometres on foot.

6. Mahodand Lake

One of the largest attractions of this space is Mahodand Lake, thirty-five kilometres from Kalam and at a height of over 3000 meters. It takes over 2 hours to succeed in this scenic lake in the higher Ushu depression. an exquisite place for journey lovers. close-by water is a further attraction in these high mountains of the mountain {range|range of mountains|chain|mountain chain|chain of mountains} range.

7. Izmis Lake, Kalam

placed at AN elevation of three,400 meters could be a real challenge to succeed in. it’s regarding twelve kilometres south of Uttar and most of the gap is lined by trekking. however attainable solely, if you’ve got the correct gear and skill of trekking in such AN arduous space. watch out for the weather ANd take all preventative measures before venturing off to such an arduous task. the realm is just breathless with gushing streams and roaring waterfalls, and snowy mountains.

8. Kalam Summer pageant

This pageant is commanded once a year in the summer within the months of July or August in Kalam depression. several exciting activities and sports events are commanded for the diversion of tourists. Paragliding, cycling, canoeing, and music concerts are a number of the attractions of this pageant. native handicrafts are displayed and cultural shows are commanded.

9. Shahi Ground

According to our recommendations, it’s one of the must-see locations in Kalam depression as a result you’ll be able to get a wide read of the covering Falak Sher mountain and therefore the thick trees of the Usho jungle. it should be found a brief approach away by turning left before coming into the jingle, simply before the Usho forest. A meadow-like space, it’s known for hosting Kabaddi games throughout winter celebrations.

10. Dhamaka Lake

It takes AN hour to travel fifteen metric linear units to induce to Dhamaka Lake via the Kalam-Utror route; you need to flip right simply before the Oshu jungle in Kalam depression. it’s a bit, of an undeveloped lake, and villagers engineered a picket path into the water so guests may fancy the Dhamaka lake’s chilly waters.

Kalam Valley Location

Kalam depression is found in Pakistan’s KPK Province. There are many traveller attractions during this depression. beside the sparsely wooded slopes, the Swat stream encompassed the whole depression. immeasurable travellers ar were drawn to the Kalam depression.