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Nagar Valley Hunza: Most Promising Picks to Travel in 2023

One of the districts of Gilgit Baltistan is Nagar Valley which is now on everyone’s list to delve into once. From the small towns to the hub of cities filled with people who pay gratitude to the minor practices to live life to the fullest, you would certainly enjoy every aspect of exploring Nagar Valley. 

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Knowledge About Nagar Valley Hunza 

If you are interested in rich knowledge about the most amazing places on earth, then here is the complete guide that you would benefit for sure to plan your next safe trip to Nagar Valley. 

Before packing your bags, you must learn about the venturesome Nagar Valley. Start counting the day as you will have the prodigious trip of your life. 


Famous as the stats of Princes of North Pakistan dating back to 1974, Nagar Valley still has the essence as it looks like a state of gigantic mountains standing tall, claiming their kingdom. 

Based on two districts, Nagar-1 and Nagar-2, the independent state of Nagar in 1200 years of history, still practices preserving its culture and values. 


Worries go away when tourists enter Pakistan’s mountainous regions, which is true about Nagar. What is the reason behind lower stress? 

The weather of Nagar Valley is the main reason people enjoy their time every season. Being deprived of fresh air, summer’s weather which remains 13 °C, refreshes the soul and body. You can also do yoga and breathe in the fresh air of this beautiful valley. 

What about winters, then? Do not worry, as the weather in winter also welcomes those who can bear – 14°C to capture the snow-covered mountains of Gilgit Baltistan.  


Gilgit Baltistan, the place where the awe of the mountains at the breeze blowing, is the center where Nagar Valley is located. Take a visit and enjoy numerous high mountain peaks such as Golden Peak and Rush Peak. 


Situated at an elevation of 2,438 m, Nagar is considered the highest mountain in the world. Although it takes time to reach the valley, the experience is worth considering for travel lovers. You can peek at Spantik Peak and enjoy the capital town and surrounding villages. 


The distance to Nagar Valley is long, but staying at different resting spots, eating snacks and listening to calm music can lower stress. It would be best if you covered the total length to go to your dream place.  

Nagar Distance from Islamabad: 638.9 km via N-15 

Hotels and Resorts

You would undoubtedly require rest from the tiring road trip towards Nagar Valley. The best aspect of Nagar Valley is the resourceful five-star and good quality service-based hotels that provide comfortable and luxurious facilities to tourists with delicious food. 

Here is the list of hotels with the contact information you can book beforehand. 

HotelsContact No.
Gilgit Serena Hotel+92 58114 55894
Heaven Lodge
Bagrote Sarai Hotel +92 355 4170111
Mehmaan Resort+92 355 7180801
Madina Hotel 2+92 58114 53536

Restaurants offering good quality and delicious food are also not leading behind. 

RestaurantsContact No.
Hikal Guest House & Restaurant+92 313 8855508
Hunza Serena +92 58134 57660
Cafe De Hunza+92 58134 57112
Chalt View Hotel & Restaurant Nagar+92 344 2333693
Gilgit Food Yard+92 355 5231666


To provide complete assistance, here is the map you can use to reach Nagar Valley safely without losing your trek. 

Which is The Largest Valley in Pakistan?

Although Nagar Valley has gained a different popularity and fame than other spots through YouTube advertising, its beauty should be recognized. In reality, it is where you would find the most entertaining and adventuresome Asper Glacier and Raka Poshi. 

You would be astonished to see the green meadows, lying while breathing in the fresh air and travelling from one tree to another, looking for the destination and finding peace everywhere in the largest valley of Pakistan. Among the other most beautiful and famous tourist places in Pakistan, Nagar is now at the top of the list. 

Tourists Attractions of Nagar Valley

The top attractions of Nagar Valley are the enormous mountains and streaming lakes. Tourists enjoy arranging BBQs and huts or restaurants where they enjoy sitting and conversing with their friends. 

The best element of visiting Nagar is that you will enjoy every moment to the fullest if you plan your trip based on the guidelines provided. Let’s dive in, then!

Famous Mountains

You can explore the world’s most famous mountains with your friends and family, such as Rakaposhi, Shiltar Peak and Alchori Sar. Here is the detailed orientation of the hills you would like to visit. 


World’s 27th-highest mountain in the world, Rakaposhi Base, is located in Nagar Valley. The mesmerising, adventurous Rakaposhi Camp Trek is the first attractive tourist spot for travelers and trekkers. 

Being a prominent summit of Nagar and Hunza, the base trek is easy to cover as it starts from Minapin valley and leads towards Hapakun Campsite. Trekkers can enjoy crossing the venturesome bridge and humble huts of shepherds busy taking care of the beautiful mountain sheep.  

Hapakun Campsite is the famous meadows of the locals where trekkers can rest for some time and have fun in conversations about their tiring routine. Based on 2-3 days, you can fully encounter every aspect while using all your energy to reach the goal of the Rakaposhi summit. 


Diran Base Camp trek is situated in Minapin Nagar Valley, starting from the Rakaposhi trek, which leads to Minapin. Seven thousand two hundred sixty-six meters on the east side of Rakaposhi is the snowy mountain you would like to visit once in your life. 

Although it is considered a dangerous mountain because of the terrifying travel, safety and local support can give you a new experience of visiting it. Ensure to take help and guidance from the local tourist guide and check the weather before seeing it. 

Golden Peak (Spantik)

Golden Peak of Nagar Valley is also known as Spantik in the local language, and there are genuine reasons for the name and the popularity of this mountain subrange. The foremost reason for the fame is the beautiful and unbelievable view of the frozen mountain from a distance. 

As a mountain climber, you can experience the excitement of elevating 7,027 m of elevation during an arduous climbing journey. 

Miar Peak (Miar Chhish)

A famous mountain in Nagar is Miar Peak, also known as Miar Chhish. Located southeast of the other famous Diran Peak, Miar Peak continues leading the mountainous range of Gilgit Baltistan. 

On the northwest is the impressive Malubiting Peak which gives companionship to Miar Peak and enhances its beauty. Viewers cannot deny the astonishing view of the Miar Chhish, which in summer can look welcoming and in winter can seem harsh. 

Shiltar Peak

The 5982 m high mountain, named Shiltar Peak, is famous for the activities that tourists mostly enjoy. Trekkers and nature lovers admire visiting it and keeping it their spot to rest on a visit to Nagar Valley. 

Accessible from the West of Karakoram, fully facilitated climbing and hiking are the two adventurous activities that attract tourists worldwide. Furthermore, it is also perfect for mountaineering. 

Alchori Sar

It is filled with lush and green meadows and farms grown on the 6243-height slope of Alchori Sar. In winter, it is covered with snow with brown and dry tall trees standing firm. However, the look seems appealing in summer when the newly grown grass spreads like a shawl. 

Traditional and sports events are mainly celebrated here as people living in the surrounding sing the songs of joy and triumph. If you are a sports person, visiting Alchori Sar in a season would give you a lot of exposure. 

Hispar Sar

Located at 6,400m southwest, famous as the landmark of Gilgit-Baltistan, Hispar Sar is the spot you would not miss visiting as it is a large mountain visible from a distance. You can take a 4×4 wheeled jeep and travel to the enthralling mountain and Hispar Glacier, which is 28m long and the fastest-flowing glacier after Alaska. 

Moving 4-6 inches daily, Hispar Sar mountain and glacier seems horrendous, but as entertaining as the Youtube videos you might see when dreaming about visiting someday. 

Kunyang Chhish

Standing tall with a sharp summit, this mountain would remind you of the independent power of nature and would also take you in awe for some time. You would be surprised to see the fantastic view it gives from a short distance and would surely capture it with your camera. 

What are you waiting for, then? If you like to set up a camp in the mountains, then Kunyang Chhish is the right destination that would remind you of the peaceful environment everyone desires. 


With the individual existence of being attractive, this mountain can also give you goosebumps for its fascinating view. Being the second-highest Peak in Pakistan, it is a favorite among alpinists and climbers worldwide. 

If you are a person who likes to rest around mountainous regions and enjoy high-energy activities, then this place should be on your list. 

Famous Lakes

The famous captivating lakes of Nagar Valley are the must-visit places you will surely remember. Here is the briefing that you would benefit from for your visit. 

Alpine Lake

Alpine Lake is located at 15,400 feet, which would give you a new experience of camping near the highest lakes in Pakistan. Tourist traffic is mainly seen here because the beauty of this lake is breathtaking. 

The muddy pathway is perfect for playing childhood games and enjoying the exact moments you used to enjoy when you were a child. Souvenirs and shops for snacks are available to relax tourists. 

Bario Darukush Lake

The next lake that comes in the list of beautiful lakes of Nagar is Bario Darukush Lake which gives a stunning view to the passerby. The cold and pleasant air of the lake is perfect for those in constant search of peace and pleasant weather. 

If you are a Youtube or social media content developer, you can also capture the different views from different angles through your camera’s lens. 

Rush Lake

Located at 4694 km of sea level, Rusk Lake is the highest lake in Nagar Valley which is the best spot for trekkers who aim to cross the nearby Karakoram mountains. 

Those who admire going for a light adventure can enjoy the Rush Lake trek. 

Famous as the highest alpine lake, Rush lake is the favorite spot of many who like to see the gigantic views of Nagar. Glaciers, meadows and local abiding places come in the way of travellers giving them joyful memories. 

Snow Lake

Snow Lake, as the name denotes, is the coldest lake that even gets frozen in winter and proves to be exciting for skating. The beautiful high-latitude glacier of Snow Lake captures the attention of every traveller who passes from nearby. 

Its width is 16 m, and the trek extends to the K2 base camp, perfect for travellers and trekkers. The lake is located 16000 feet above sea level and gives the perfect picture of snowy mountains. 

Kacheli Lake

The lake was famous for its steep valley and the base camp that travellers trek while enjoying the pleasant weather. It only takes 2 hours of strenuous trekking to reach Kacheli Lake. Situated near Rakaposhi, the lake is known for camping and is considered one of Nagar’s most beautiful lakes. 

If you like camping and trekking, Kacheli Lake and the hoteliers can be facilitated to the fullest.