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Naltar Valley Tour: 5 Reasons to Visit Naltar Valley in 2023

On the rough roads in the jeeps, thousands of tourists take their way to Naltar Valley as they enjoy the view of the green pastures, farms on the mountains, and towering trees. 

If you still need to hear about the valley, here are the five reasons to visit Naltar Valley in 2023. However, let’s first learn about the weather and routes that can take you there. 

Knowledge About Naltar Valley

Naltar Valley, situated in Gilgit, is the spot which gives you enough adventure and joyful moments that you will never forget. Breathtaking beauty, comfortable facilities, and delicious meals are all you can find there. 

Here is the information you require before packing your luggage. 


As the valley falls in the mountainous region of Pakistan, Naltar Valley weather keeps playing hide and seek and proves refreshing. 

In summer, especially in July, tourists enjoy 19c to 46c, which is truly a blessing for travelers visiting the valley from the hotter cities of Pakistan and colder regions of Europe. 

In contrast, winters are mainly harsh and coldest as the temperature falls and fluctuates between 17c to 0c as the fierce winds blow throughout the four months of winter, and the snow covers 10 to 15 ft. on the ground. 


Located 34 Km from Gilgit-Baltistan, the valley remains an element of awe for many. 

If you do not fear travelling to the highest peaks and stay calm while taking care of yourself physically, you can easily enjoy the visit to Naltar Valley with such an extended distance. 


Situated at a 15,348 ft. elevation level, the valley opens new gateways for tourists to see the beauty of mountains and experience calmness inside their souls. 


The distance of Naltar valley from different cities and regions requires you to travel by personal vehicle and then jeep, a readily available service on rent in Gilgit. 

Naltar Distance from Lahore: 883.6 km via Lahore-Islamabad Motorway/M-2 

Naltar Distance from Islamabad: 549.2 km via N-15 

Naltar Distance from Gilgit: 43.5 via Naltar Valley Road 

Naltar Distance from Hunza: 42. 9 km via Hunza Road 

Hotels & Resorts:

The local tourism department facilitates the tourists fully as there are numerous hotels. 

The government-established “Halima Garden Rest Houses” are also an excellent option. Similarly, scouts also offer guest houses for tourists to enjoy their time in the Naltar valley.  

Hotels & ResortsContact
Mehmaan Resort0355 7180801
Turgil Green Resort0312 9730485
Naltar Palace Hotel0355 5420241
Hidden Valley Lake Resort0348 5149469
Strawberry Huts Naltar0355 5555143


Food is necessary to the body, so maps are equally crucial for travelling to a new place. Here is the map you can follow to reach the Naltar Valley direction. 

Is Naltar Valley Worth Visiting? 

From boating to skiing to taking pictures in picturesque spots on the meadows or mountains, this is the right picnic place to visit. 

Enjoy the food, fish and chips and traditional food with the taste of the chefs from the mountains. Different places, each of its distinctive geographical features of flora and fauna, give adventurous experiences to adventure seekers. 

Glaciers melt, and the water covers the road on the way to the valley, which gives a new way to enjoy while splashing water on each other. 

Best Time to Visit Naltar Valley

As the weather in summer is pleasant, the best advice to visit Naltar Valley with family to fully grasp every essence of a visit to North Pakistan is May or August. 

In contrast, winters are never advised; however, if you are a blogger or vlogger who likes creating content using gadgets, you can visit in different seasons.

Can We Go to Naltar Valley by Car? 

Sad to share, but unfortunately, cars are unsuitable for the road full of boulders. The best way is to hire a jeep and start a 2 hours journey to the valley, as the bumps on the way do not seem like a roller coaster or torture. 

What to Do in Naltar Valley? 5 Activities You Can Do There in 2023.

With many exciting activities and spots, you can enjoy the following five on your visit to Naltar. 

Naltar Ski Resort: 

Established to serve tourists with adventurous activities of skiing, Naltar Ski Resort is the first spot where you can ski on Shah Khan Ski Slep. You can have it all if you like to view others doing the activity. 

Mainly International Ski Championships are held here. You can also enjoy the highest chairlift in Pakistan during the trip while enjoying skiing in Naltar. 

Wild Life: 

Occupied on 27 206 hectares of area, the Naltar Wildlife Sanctuary is the next amusing activity for tourists. There are other protected areas, such as Sher Quillah Game Reserve and engaging Pakora Game Reserve, to encounter the unbelievable beauty of nature. 

Montane broadleaf, Pistacia and Salix are some of the forests you can take pictures of nearby. Furthermore, brown bears, snow leopards and beech marten are the species travellers see on their way. 

snow leopards naltar valley wildlife sanctury


Do you consider camping in nature more rewarding than booking a hotel? If yes, camping near the lakes or in the meadows is suitable. You can have fun while cooking and drinking tea side by side. 

Arrange a bonfire and BBQ with your friends and family, and narrate the stories of other adventures while seeing the stars above your head. 

river side camping naltar valley


You would find the beautiful and grassy pathway ready to trek among the cedar and pine trees. Habitual trekkers find it interesting to see Baltoro Peaks. However, it is always recommended to take a local guide who has all knowledge about the way and weather and can facilitate your well on the journey. 

trekking naltara valley


Do you like capturing the scenery on camera and later sharing it with the world? Don’t worry, as your visit to Naltar Valley will allow you to click pictures amidst astonishing beauty. 

Take friends and family, pose in different ways in the other spots of Naltar valley, and see how people become fans of your memories. 

How Many Lakes are there in Naltar Valley? 

Bashkiri lakes that change into blue and azure colours and seem satisfying to the eyes are the elements of Naltar Valley that make it unique. Following is the list of lakes that you can visit on your tour. 

  • Satrangi Lake 
  • Blue Lake
  • Alima Lake 
  • Bodo Lake 
  • Dhudia Lake 
  • Pari Lake
  • Baldock Lake