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Traveling To Beautiful Places In Faisalabad

Faisalabad is the largest city in Pakistan. It is third in Pakistani cities, after Karachi and Lahore. It is, however, a little younger than the other cities, even though nomadic peoples had been stopping at its location for a while. Actual city development began relatively recently, especially when compared to Lahore.

It’s called many names, including Chenab Colony, Sandalbar, Lyallpur, and the current official Faisalabad.

Faisalabad, a beautiful metropolis that is undoubtedly Pakistan’s fastest-growing, is, unfortunately, lacking in tourist appeal. It is not as popular as nearby Lahore, which is rich in monuments and has many candidates for World Heritage Sites. Faisalabad’s youthful population is a significant reason for this. It is a beautiful place to visit, mainly if your interest lies in Pakistan’s modernization. Because of its significance to the national economy, this city is known as the Pakistani Manchester. This city accounts for 25% of the country’s trade and commerce revenues.

Although Faisalabad doesn’t have nearly as many ancient monuments as Lahore, there are still some historical sites, such as the Ghanta Ghar and Faisalabad clock tower. Eight markets are located around the clock, which is worth visiting for shoppers. Several buildings were built by the British but have been left behind. If you’re interest in Sufi saints, there are several shrines that you can visit here. Ask the locals. The fantastic cuisine is another highlight. It’s a great example of Punjabi cuisine at its best.

Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan Auditorium

The Auditorium is a part of a public building that houses people. It is separate from the stage. The Auditorium audience is seated on one side, while the activities on the other are dependent on the event. An auditorium is made up of several floors. These levels can be used as stalls or private boxes, a dress circle (balcony, upper circle), and a gallery. The stage can be seen from a sloping floor. Ceilings and walls are often covered with soundproofing and invisible light. They may also have air extracts or inlets.

The Punjab Arts Council manages the Auditorium. The Art Council named the Auditorium for Nusrat Fateh Ali. It is also known as Nusrat Fateh Ali Auditorium. This Auditorium can accommodate 5500 people for any event that is held there. This Auditorium is located near Mai di Jhuggi Faisalabad, Punjab, Pakistan.

It is a cultural center. Nusrat Fateh Al Khan Auditorium hosts community events such as the Independence show, Literary Festival, Poetry Events, and many more. The reviews of hosting an educational or cultural event are very positive. You can reach us to book any event.

Contact them at (041) 9200781 or via the Facebook page. They do not have a website. They manage all bookings on their Facebook page. The rating of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan Auditorium is 4.3 out of 5, which is a very high score for any event management company. It’s a great place to experience and enjoy our vibrant culture.

Every university in Pakistan should have at minimum one Auditorium. It can be used for various events, including lectures, speeches, awards ceremonies, assemblies, drama plays, orchestra concerts, musical theatre productions and band, chorus, jazz band battles, dance competitions, and many others. All attendees must be sound and present for any event.

Gatwala Park

Gatwala Wildlife Park Faisalabad, a central wildlife reserve, agricultural garden, and breeding center, is located in Faisalabad village, Gatwala. It is Faisalabad’s largest park. It covers more than 100km2 and houses forest areas, lakes, gardens, and administrative buildings. The Ministry of Forestry of Pakistan manages the park.

Pakistan’s Punjab Forestry Department owned the land on which Gatwala Wildlife Park was constructed. In 1985, the Pakistani government-designated Faisalabad as a division and announced several future development projects. One of these projects was the creation of a Gatwala Wildlife Park at Faisalabad.

A few rides are available for children in the large green parks, running canals, and a bamboo-growing area. These are the main attractions at Gateway Park. The boating can be done on one of the lakes, and the other lake, home to many crocodiles, gives the illusion that you are in a natural forest. Tourists can observe crocodiles at a safe distance by properly cordoning the lake.

The park is 17 km from Faisalabad along Faisalabad-Sheikhupura Road and 120 Km from Lahore. For recreational purposes, the park includes 131 acres of Reserved Forest. The total cost to establish the park, built under the development project “Establishment Forest Park at Gatwala,” was Rs.15.676 million. The park offers a mix of educational, cultural, and amusement amenities. It offered recreational facilities at affordable prices and educated the public on forest types and their importance. The garden was established to raise awareness about the importance of wildlife and its contribution to humanity. It is about reintroducing wild animals back to their natural habitats, keeping them in open, semi-wild, and healthy environments, captive breeding wild birds and animals, especially endemic herbivores, Galliformes, and keeping them there.

Lyallpur Museum

Lyallpur Museum was established in 2010. It was completed in 2013. It preserves the history and culture of different parts of Sandal Bar. Sandal Bar shows the historical significance of the area between River Ravi & Chenab. LYALLPUR MUSEUM consists of ten galleries.

Construction of the Lyallpur Museum, Faisalabad, began in 2010 and was completed in 2013. It contains the history, culture, and traditions of Sandal Bar’s diverse neighborhoods. It is the most famous heritage museum in the country.

Sandal Bar highlights the historical importance of the area between Chenab and Ravi. The Lyallpur Museum in Faisalabad has ten galleries. These galleries display all of the items in chronological order. These galleries include:

  • Orientation Gallery
  • Regional Heritage Archaeological Gallery
  • Chenab Colony Gallery
  • Sandal Bar Gallery
  • Thought and Act Gallery
  • Pakistan Movement Gallery
  • Social Beauty Gallery
  • Gallery of Periods from Muslim to Sikh
  • Galerie Textile
  • Lyallpur Gallery

Clock Tower Faisalabad

Faisalabad Clock tower is located in Faisalabad (Punjab), Pakistan. It is the oldest monument in its original condition from the British Raj. It was built by the British during their rule of much of South Asia in the nineteenth century. Sir James Lyall, then Jhang deputy commissioner, decided to make the clock tower at this location.

It was built by the British during their rule over South Asia’s majority of South Asia in 1903. Sir Charles Riwaz, British lieutenant governor for Punjab and Abdullahpur’s most prominent landlord, laid the foundation of the Clock Tower. It was inaugurated on November 14, 1903. The amount of Rs. 18 per square meter. The Municipal Committee received the money and agreed to complete the project.

It is called Ghanta Ghar in Urdu by the locals. Its location right in the middle of eight markets is one of its most attractive features. It is indeed stunning. These bazaars are also known as Faisalabad’s “Eight Bazars.” These markets include:

  • Chiniot Bazaar
  • Karkhana Bazaar
  • Jhang Bazaar
  • Hatchery Bazar
  • Amin Pur Bazaar
  • Montgomery Bazaar
  • Bhowana Bazaar
  • Rail Bazaar

Sir Charles Riwaz (British lieutenant governor of Punjab) was the first to lay the foundation for the magnificent Clock Tower. He was also the most prominent local landlord of the Mian Family, Abdullahpur Mian Abdul Raheem Faisalabad (then Lyallpur).

It is known locally as “Ghanta Ghar,” which translates to Hour House in English. It is located in the oldest part of the city. It is located in the middle of eight markets and looks like the Union Jack flag from a birds-ey perspective. You can still view this unique layout using Google Maps’ latest software.

Gumti Water Fountain

Gumti Water Fountain is one of Faisalabad’s most historic sites. Gumti was built during the British Raj. It was built in 1827 during the 19th century. Gumi’s goal was to create a space that city dwellers and locals could use.

It was transformed into a traffic circle, with a fountain in the middle. However, it is still in its original form. Faisalabad’s Gumti fountain is the most visited spot in town. It needs to be cleaned every night. It’s a great legacy to be able to display the British Raj’s history. It is situated across the street from Qaisri Gate and near Faisalabad’s clock tower.

The British Raj era saw Pakistan’s independence. It was constructed in the early nineteenth century.

The structure is still in existence today and has been transformed into a roundabout with traffic flow.

To ensure you see everything Faisalabad has, plan your trip details using our Faisalabad driving vacation planner.

Jinnah Gardens

Jinnah Garden can be found in Faisalabad, opposite Sareena Hotel Road.

Jinnah Garden is under the control of the Capital Development Authority. It’s located near Sihala, Lohi Bher, and the main Islamabad Highway. Jinnah Gardens Phase-1 is a popular area. Jinnah Garden Phase-1 is rapidly growing at a rapid pace. It consists of 2397 residence plots. The site has dozens of food outlets and medical facilities. Utility stores also serve the community. Basic amenities like food, water, gas, and electricity are available to ensure a comfortable life.

Jinnah Garden, an 18-year-old garden, is another historic and beautiful spot for a picnic. Faisalabad residents should visit it. Faisalabad’s central parks are also known under the Company Bagh Faisalabad. The British Government established gardens in every Company Bagh big name. This was done because many British officers lived near Bagh and needed places to entertain them.

Tomb Of Sir James Lyall

TOMB OF SISTER JAMES LIALL Until 1979, Faisalabad was called Lyallpur after Sir Charles James Lyall, who was lieutenant governor in Punjab. The tomb, built in his honor, became one of Faisalabad’s most prominent historical buildings.

H.E. The tomb of Sir Charles James Lyall can be found in Jinnah Garden, Faisalabad. Lyallpur was named after him, as he was the city’s founder. Because it was built during British Reign Over Sub-continent, his tomb can be viewed in Faisalabad.

Aqualand Water Park

Faisalabad is home to many entertainment options. Everyone needs to feel fresh during summer and be able to enjoy a pool party. From Papulation’s point of view, Faisalabad has many Swimming pool establishments that allow visitors to relax in a pleasant environment.

Today, we will be focusing on the Aqualand Water Park in Faisalabad. This pool is the perfect place to enjoy Faisalabad. Aqualand was established near Kashmir pull, west canal road. The pool administration tries to create a positive environment.

Aqualand Water Park Faisalabad has the only water park with a seventy-meter tall water slide. The pool is 2500m2. The administration provides security that is excellent and complete proof during swimming time. If anyone is interested in learning how to swim, swimming guides can help. A well-maintained canteen has been established in the Water park. You can find everything you need for picnics, whether food or clothing. The water park has all the facilities. This is not a place for families. You can only enjoy it with your male family members or friends.

All visitors to water parks have to keep their bags to avoid problems. Sometimes, however, we can’t find a suitable place. Aqualand Waterpark Faisalabad has many daraz available that can be used to store our phones or other accessories.

In summer, I recommend that you visit Aqualand Waterpark Faisalabad. The water park is located in the city, near the circle club. The entry fee for the water park is 300 Pakistani Rupees. This makes it affordable for all family members, rich or poor.

Sindbad Wonderland

SindhBaad is a trendy place for children in Faisalabad. It is situated near the Faisalabad International Cricket Stadium, “Iqbal Stadium.”

This place is excellent for both kids and their families. This is unique because males can only enter this realm with their families. Everyone here comes up with their families, so there is no disruption. The gate/internal security is very satisfying. This place is worth visiting with your family.

Sindbad is one of the few places that are kid-friendly in Faisalabad. Although it is small in space, the place is well managed. Children under 12 years old can enjoy happy hours here. For elders, the entrance fee is Rs 10, while for children, it’s free. The average cost of a ride is Rs 70-150. The bumper car is the best. It costs just Rs 80. During covid lockdown, the place is accessible until 6 PM. It is not currently crowded. The parking is very cool UNDER FS PARKING. Safety measures for children are shallow. Safety is essential for children.

A fun area for children with a variety of food options. Clean and well maintained. This is an excellent option for middle-class families with children—different indoor games area. There are also great outdoor options for children and teens.

Sindbad Amusement Parks is a group that includes amusement parks and family entertainment centers. They are located in Pakistan’s cities of Faisalabad and Islamabad.

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